Popular Video Game Sparks Parrot Controversy

If you examine a list of the world’s best-selling video games you will discover Minecraft at number two. Outsold only by Tetris, Minecraft was created by a self-taught Swedish programmer. It boasts simple graphics and gameplay that involves digging for blocks which can then be used to build any structure that your imagination can conjure.

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Is it a bird or is it a plane?

Birds are very bad news for airports. Bird strikes can down planes and flocks of birds also cause huge damage to airports’ infrastructures. It is impossible to completely eliminate the risks presented by birds but all airports work hard to keep them away from the runways. After all, the planes aren’t terribly good news for the birds either!

Falco peregrinus Göteborg
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Amazing Facts about Budgerigars

Budgies are extremely popular pets in the UK. If you don’t have a budgie yourself, you probably know somebody who does. But many people may not be aware of how fascinating these little fellows really are. So, we have put together a few fascinating facts about the humble budgie.

Melopsittacus undulatus flock 4
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Habitats on the Verge

Roadside verges play a more important ecological role than many people probably realise, with many plant and bird species taking advantage of the micro-ecosystem that they provide. Because of their fragile nature, these roadside oases are in need of protection and careful maintenance.

Kestrel - Durdle Door (29250199703)
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Interesting Facts About Robins

The robin is one of Britain’s best loved birds. These chirpy little visitors to our gardens are always a welcome sight but it is easy to take them for granted. Here are some facts about robins which might help to understand your feathered friends a little better.

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The high-rise threat to birdlife

Contemporary architects just love glass and, to be fair, it is quite easy to see why. Glass makes the interior of buildings brighter and feel less claustrophobic, it also adds a twinkle to the cityscape. There is just one small problem with glass, though, and that problem is birds. Glass kills millions of birds every year, and as more buildings go up, so do bird mortality rates.

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Leighton Moss Bird Sanctuary

Operated by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds), Leighton Moss is the largest reed-bed in the North West of England. A truly amazing bird sanctuary, Leighton Moss makes for a very diverse wildlife habitat that provides a home for a wide variety of animals and invertebrates, not just birds.

Canada geese, Leighton Moss
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New Zealand’s Ambitious Plans to Save Wild Birds

New Zealand is a nation which is renowned for its birds and the distinctive native species were once the undisputed kings of the nation. The distinctive birds remained free of predators for millions of years. This meant that many species evolved to be flightless as they were safe living on the ground. but then humans arrived and everything changed.

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