The Truth About Peacock Feathers

Since Charles Darwin recorded his thoughts about the birds, it has been presumed that peacocks’ extravagant feathers exist primarily to attract potential mates. But new research has cast doubt on that theory and suggests that peahens do not compare the plumage of their suitors when they make their choice.

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Hunting Deer Could Help Wild Bird Populations to Recover

Ecology expert Markus Eichhorn, from the university of Nottingham, has suggested that the UK’s woodland bird population could be boosted by the hunting of deer for their venison.

Nachtigall Gesang Strauch
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Have You Ever Seen a Baby Pigeon?

What came first, the chicken or the egg? How do migrating birds navigate? How exactly did life on Earth begin? These are some of the questions about the natural world which you might have asked yourself. But there is another conundrum that you may or may not have contemplated. Given the huge number of pigeons that you see everywhere around the country, why don’t you ever see baby pigeons?

Young pigeon
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More British Birds Now Endangered

The latest State of the UK’s Birds report lists 67 species as being on the “red list”. This means that no less than 15 species have been added to the list since the last report of its kind in 2009. Conservationists are now calling for urgent action to save these birds.

Bristle-thighed Curlew (Numenius tahitiensis) (26191981500)
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An Unusual Nesting Box

Many of our most treasured species are struggling and so it is important that we all do everything that we can to help our wild birds to prosper. This includes the provision of food, water and nesting boxes in our gardens. The best bird houses are simple, wooden structures rather than ornate styles or plastic bird houses. However, birds are resourceful creatures and can find all sorts of places around our homes to build their nests.

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Egg Collectors Face New Crackdown

They say that it takes all sorts but it is difficult to understand why anyone would want to collect birds’ eggs. Quite apart from the fact that the practice distresses the birds, the removal of eggs seriously threatens the survival of our native species. But there are still collectors out there, despite the practice being illegal.

Amselnest lokilech
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Parrots Respond to Canned Laughter and Give Each Other High Fives!

New research has revealed that kea parrots start to exhibit playful behaviour when exposed to a parrot version of canned laughter. In a study led by Raoul Schwing of the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, keas were played 5-minute recordings of exuberant wild keas and the laughter proved to be incredibly infectious!

Male Kea Milford sound
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Big Garden Birdwatch Results Revealed!

This year more than half a million people across the UK took part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch. This survey gives an indication of how each species of bird is faring and so the results are always eagerly anticipated by nature lovers. The RSPB have now published this year’s results and they deliver good news for some of our favourite garden birds. However, there are several species whose numbers still appear to be in decline.

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Project Puffin

I will never forget the first time that I saw a puffin. I had travelled to Alaska, primarily to see Grizzly bears. My holiday would not have been complete without an excursion to the glaciers and so I booked an 8 hour cruise in Glacier Bay National Park. I was keen to see more bears and the glaciers carving into the sea but hadn’t given much thought to the prospect of seeing puffins. Actually, I hadn’t even known that there were any puffins there!

Atlantic Puffin Fratercula arctica
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