Take a Gander at These Geese Fighting Back!

Geese and swans can be extremely feisty as I found out as a young child. I slipped whilst walking around the edge of a pond and ended up in the water. A nearby swan was less than amused by my sudden invasion of his territory and promptly clamped his beak around my big toe! I have been rather wary of large birds ever since.

Mute Swan-Mindaugas Urbonas
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A Seedy Neighbourhood?

Wild bird feeders are popular investments and it isn’t difficult to see why. Enabling you to watch a wide variety of birds in your own garden, feeders are inexpensive and so provide hours of cheap entertainment! (Sorry!) But in your enthusiasm to feed the birds you could be causing a few issues.

All that food could be turning your property into a rather seedy neighbourhood!

Passerina ciris -bird feeder-8
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The World’s New Most Expensive Racing Pigeon

In 2013 a Belgian bird was purchased by a Chinese enthusiast for 310,000 euro and became the world’s most expensive racing pigeon. Bolt, named after sprinter Usain Bolt, was the subject of much media attention with his impressive price tag. But now the cost of this bird has been eclipsed by an even more incredible purchase.

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Why Are Budgies the Most Popular Pet Birds in the World?

When it comes to pet birds, budgies are top of the pops, but why have these diminutive birds always been so popular?

Budgerigars are one of the smallest parrot species in their world. They were first imported to Britain in 1840 and their natural colouring is green and yellow. Numerous mutations in captive bred birds have resulted in blue, white, yellow and grey parrots being common in captivity.

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Eggs Lose Free-Range Status

Millions of eggs sold in the UK will temporarily lose their free-range status following measures to prevent the spread of bird flu. Since December poultry has had to be kept indoors due to Government orders. But under European Union Rules, the eggs of birds which have been housed for more than 12 weeks cannot be marketed as free-range.

Eier Zwerg Welsumer Brala 08.05.2016 11-47-03 08.05.2016 11-47-03.2016 11-47-03
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Animal Cafes – A Real Hoot?

If you love animals, then you have probably noticed the trend for animal cafes. More and more of these establishments are springing up all over the world giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy their tea or coffee in the company of a variety of furry friends. Most of these cafes feature cats and dogs but now their popularity has led to the opening of several venues in Japan which are dedicated to Owls.

Short-Eared Owl on Seedskadee NWR (23156055129)
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Missing Parrot Found After 4 Years Speaking a Different Language

Darren Chick (great name!) lost his African grey parrot Nigel and after four years had given up hope of ever seeing him again. But he was eventually reunited with his feathered friend through the bird’s microchip and the efforts of a local vet.

African Grey Parrot RWD
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The Exotic Pet Trade

Exotic birds and reptiles are fascinating creatures and many people across the globe love to keep and collect them. These animals have become valuable commodities as a result and so in spite of the laws in place to protect them, many species are being driven to the brink of extinction by the pet trade.

Red-browed Amazon parrot
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