Celebrating the Goldfinch

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  1. Barbara Bryant says:

    We get gold finches in our garden they love the sunflower seeds as well as niger seeds. Such pretty little birds

    • Rosy Jones says:

      Yes, we too have Goldfinches on our feeders, though usually only about 5 or 6. They too love the sunflower hearts. Once tried them on Nyger seed which catalogues said they loved, but they had a nibble and then returned to the sunflower hearts. Had to just chuck out the Nyger seed for the pigeons or anything else that wanted it in the end.

  2. Bryan Baker says:

    Unfortunately we had a goldfinch die yesterday in the garden.It had been ailing for a couple of days,at least next doors cat didn’t get it.Wehave a regular group of 12+ but they are so messy with the sunflower hearts they bite one and drop the rest.

    • Jenny says:

      I’ve changed to sunflower heart chips (ie small flakes of sunflower hearts) in my feeders – much less messy

  3. Dennis Plews says:

    I do not know what you want me to say. My hobbie is ornithology, so I am very familiar with all birds, but did not know an bout the historical part of the gold finch or others if you have history.
    So I guess I should thank you for the history of the gold finch and ask you for other birds history.
    Thank you very much any thing to do with birds is welcome

    Gold finches are tweeting on the telephone cable across my garden at this very minute and hopefully looking for nest site in garden. There goes Jenny wren and chiff chaff in the distance.

  4. Raymond Lloyd says:

    We have at the at the feeders filled with sunflower hearts, a regular half a dozen, goldfinches, in the past had up to a couple of dozen, numbers diminished this year.

  5. Heather douce says:

    We have a group of goldfinches visit our feeders usually 10-20 and I adore seeing them. They’re not, however, charming as they fight constantly and noisily with each other, not liking to share the sunflower hearts even with each other! I love watching their crazy antics

  6. Douglas Fisher says:

    I have about a dozen goldfinch in the garden, my wife puts out sunflower hearts and they love them. They come all the year round, which is surprising as I thought they migrated to some place like Spain in winter months, but perhaps they like our sunflower hearts too much. They bring great colour to our garden and I love their chirping.

  7. Anna Housden says:

    We have a pair of goldfinches nesting in our garden at the moment. We feed a flock of well over 20 during the winter so it’s lovely to see them nesting here.

  8. Lisa Moulds says:

    Get a few in the garden. Have never touched the Nyger seeds, sunflower hearts all the way. Thanks for the ino, now I can call them a charm next time they appear!

  9. Lisa Moulds says:

    Whoops “info” not ino! Sorry!

  10. lynn reeves says:

    probably, one of our prettiest birds. we have about 80 – 100 everyday as have 30 plus feeders up. they are feisty little birds but seeing then amongst the siskins, redpolls and greenfinches and tit family is a joy to behold in winter and spring.
    I adore all of nature so conservation is a huge part of my life. do a huge meadow every year filled with wild flowers for bees, butterflies etc. have a pond for frogs, toads and greater crested newts, have bat boxes up and the wood nearby has 32 different species of bat. have had a stag come to the paddock with his mates and 2 foxes. henrietta the hedgehog comes every evening with her friends in tow. also badgers. barn owl and tawny and brown owls at night, also love all birds of prey and have 2 crows that are extremely friendly. lucky, lucky me….

  11. Mike Boyle-Ronaldson says:

    They love Sunflower Hearts and from only two pairs staying all year round 25 years ago I now have over 100 pairs. Yes they like Niger Seeds but I was warned by a vet to feed them only sparingly as they can cause liver problems if they eat them too regularly. They build the most amazing nests which they line with the hair brushings from my cats.

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