Could Grouse Moors Actually Help Wild Birds?

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5 Responses

  1. Vivien Fisher says:

    Living in the NYMNP and walking over the whole of the North York moors and I can categorically confirm that managed grouse moors contribute to the death of many of our native birds and animals thereby surely creating unbalance. Beautiful as they are, to walk on the moors is to walk in desolation – you have to walk well away from the shooting zones to find much of the UK’s wildlife.

  2. Brenda Perry says:

    Re the report – in the area of Mandy Rice-Davies, they would say that, wouldn’t they? Whilst I accept that management of ‘pests’ may contribute towards the protection of species, this management can be equally undertaken without the grouse-shooting. Allow me to state the ‘bleeding obvious’ – when game poults are introduced to a moor/ heathland environment, predators increase exponentially. Take away the artificially introduced game, the gamekeepers & shooters – then conduct the surveys. If the need for protection is proven, by all means take reasonable measures. But don’t, for one minute, think about the reintroduction of shooting for sport. There is nothing remotely sporting about killing raptors – particularly endangered species.

  3. R O'Brien says:

    On a recent trip to the North East (County Durham and Northumberland) it was very apparent that the natural balance between prey birds and birds of prey was almost completely absent. There were virtually no live birds of prey seen during a one week holiday searching but dead birds of prey were particularly evident on the managed grouse moors. It was also striking that there were very few of the normal carrion birds either with their place being taken by black-headed gulls on the moors in particular! I wonder why?

  4. Mark says:

    Clearly the grouse moor environment should be ok or good for HH. It isnt the environment thst is their problem, it’s the managers of that environment that is there purely to boost grouse numbers and generate income by whatever means it takes . Not all of course but police you’re estates or expect policing/licensing.

  5. Jenny Pedder says:

    The report commissioned by the landowners will undoubtedly be biased, how can anyone say that grouse shooting is good …… only those people who enjoy killing these poor little birds. They are reared in cages then set free especially to be used in this disgusting “sport”. Conservation has nothing to do with it.

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