Investigating the colour preference of birds

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  1. Rod Clark. says:

    My bird feeders are mostly green and attract a variety of birds but they don’t seem to be interested in the peanut feeders which are also green, the nuts usualy go mouldy and have to be thrown away.

    • JanineM says:

      Stop using the normal “meshed” feeder and put whole peanuts in a suet pellet feeder. Blue Titus and Great Titus will flock in droves. They take one and fly away to eat it, before coming back for another. Once young birds are born, it may be better to go back to your meshed feeder for a short tim.

  2. Maurice Barley says:

    We’ve given up on peanuts, we try them every now an again for a few weeks but almost always wind-up throwing them away. Now, in our feeders, we use sunflower seeds and attract a whole range of birds, goldfinches, bullfinch, greenfinch, woodpecker, chaffinch, Siskin,yellowhammer, it’s quite amazing we combine with the best grade of seed, fatballs and pellets. Over the last year we’ve recorded 18 different breeds and none have been interested in peanuts!

  3. I’ve been feeding the birds for many years now, and most of my feeders are silvery metal and are always full of birds. The squirrel proof peanut feeder is green, and never seems so popular, though this is probably because not too many birds seem keen on peanuts!
    I also feed mealworms from two containers (very low bowls), one is blue glass. The robins, sparrows, starlings etc. love to feed from it, but we have a pair of pied wagtails who are quite tame, but never like getting mealworms from the blue bowl; they just run about round it, though they can obviously see the mealworms inside! If I put mealworms on the wall beside the bowl they will readily take them with no qualms at all. The other bowl is really a flower pot small saucer, and the birds are fine with this too. I have seen the pied wagtails get mealworms from this occasionally, but they obviously prefer them ‘on the flat’
    I have noticed that all the birds seem to love suet pellets with mealworms. One firm does creamy coloured pellets and the birds flock down at once for them. I once got some from another firm and they were a pinky colour. Whether it was the colour or the taste I don’t know, but the birds, after a very short investigation, left them alone, even when they were the only suet pellets on offer.

    • James Betteridge says:

      Previous studies have shown that Blue is the LEAST favourite colour which is why for years slug pellets have been coloured blue!

  4. Mandy says:

    I have many birdfeeders but the main ones are red, blue and yellow. The red one is filled with sunflower hearts and it has constant visitors, mainly goldfinches.

  5. Alan Naylor says:

    We placed a suet block in the feeder, it was palish off cream and the birds couldn’t get enough of it going through around 2 a week over 3 weeks. I bought some of the same brand and these came in various colours, red, green, brown all with either mealworm or insect in them. The birds now fly towards it, change their minds, then fly off. Even the woodpecker took a dislike. Some land on the feeder, look at it, then fly off.

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