Who is Killing Birds on the Sandringham Estate?

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5 Responses

  1. Christine Forman says:

    The people who are murdering these birds should be put into prison they are nothing more than bored crowd of serial killers

  2. R Callaby says:

    Pigeons “laced” with bendiocarb could possibly have eaten seeds treated with this substance. Unfortunately you weaken your case by making assumptions which are unsupprted.

  3. Anne Addison says:

    Really saddened by these reports no matter who committed the crimes or where they were killed. Assumptions are unsubstantiated but it is surely no coincidence that such a lot of raptors end their lives on land owned by large estates. Perhaps it is time to put an end to pheasant and grouse rearing for the “pleasure” of shooting, no matter the cost for the consortium.

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