Bamfords Cluckers Gourmet Grit(refill bag): 5kg

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Bamfords Cluckers Gourmet Grit 5kg

Gourmet Grit is a total grit solution, packed with extra nutrients and a blend of the finest grits, making it more beneficial to your birds than other standard grits. Grit is an essential part of a birds diet, but we want to give your birds more than just the basics. The unique multitude of tasty ingredients in Gourmet Grit combine to help improve digestion and promote a healthy lifestyle for your poultry, with the addition of seeds and High Protein Pellets for extra nutrition. Our irresistible recipe supports the development of strong bones, the production of strong-shelled eggs and the promotion of a silky plumage, making your chickens both look and feel great.Use Gourmet Grit in conjunction with BTF Poultry Foods,

Gourmet Grit comes in a handy re-sealable, re-usable tub, making it much easier to store and keep fresh.

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