Amazing facts about penguins


What’s not to love about penguins? Surely one of the most endearing species on the planet, these flightless birds are always fascinating – and more interesting than you might think. Here are some amazing facts about penguins that just might see you running to the nearest zoo!

July 4, 2018

Seagulls in Cornwall inspire hate campaign


People have always had a difficult relationship with seagulls. The birds are persistent and daring in their search for food and this brings them into close contact with humans – very close contact! Gulls swooping to steal chips and ice cream are common sights and the birds are now hated by the residents and business […]

June 26, 2018

Rare bird book fetches $9.6 million at auction


A first edition of John James Audubon’s famed The Birds of America has sold at Christie’s for $9.6 million and was purchased by an anonymous buyer. The book features more than 400 hand-coloured illustrations and over 1000 different birds. It is one of just 13 that is thought to remain in the hands of a […]

June 26, 2018

Why birds don’t have teeth


Have you ever wondered why birds don’t have teeth? Maybe you hadn’t thought about it! The study of ancient fossils has revealed that the ancestors of modern-day birds did have teeth. So where did they go? Scientists have long believed that birds evolved into toothless creatures to aid their powers of flight as the absence […]

June 25, 2018

Birds Join the Property Ladder


We all have ambitions to work our way up the property ladder but a family of blackbirds in Penrtih, Cumbria have taken this concept rather literally! The birds have chosen a ladder as their home and have created one of the most surprising and incredible examples of nest building that you will ever see!

June 24, 2018

Retired Man Honours Pet Parrots by Removing his Ears


It’s often said that people grow to look more like their pets. Sometimes this phenomenon turns out to be true and that isn’t so surprising when you think about it. An inactive and overweight dog owner is more likely to own a portly pooch and the pet owner who can’t be bothered to look after […]

June 23, 2018

Parrots learn to use Alexa


The latest technology is supposed to make our lives easier but sometimes things don’t quite work out that way! Amazon’s Alexa voice control system enables you to perform a variety of tasks including ordering your shopping, requesting information and controlling the lighting in your home. That’s really cool until your parrot learns how to interact […]

June 22, 2018

New Fossil Evidence on Birds’ Beak Development


  In what was once a fascinating and strange turn of events, scientists have pieced together the skull of a rather peculiar ancient bird, revealing a primitive beak lined with teeth. It is thought that this “transitional” bird gives us a clearer picture of a crucial and pivotal point in the course of the development […]

June 21, 2018

How did ancestors of today’s birds survive the asteroid strike?


Where many creatures living in forests, unsurprisingly, did not survive the asteroid strike 66 million years ago, unsurprising because this impact destroyed the world’s forests, it is a strange fact that the ancestors of modern birds may have survived that destructive strike. It has been seen in the plant fossil record that this asteroid impact, […]

June 6, 2018

10,000 Chickens Rehomed By Oxfordshire Charity


Volunteers at the Oxfordshire branch of The British Hen Welfare Trust are celebrating the rehoming of their 10,000th hen! Based at Willow Farm near Didcot, the charity saves hens from slaughter by finding them appropriate news homes across the country.

June 5, 2018