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Spikes Tasty Semi Moist Hedgehog Food 1.3kg Spikes Tasty Semi Moist Hedgehog Food 1.3kg
Spikes Tasty Semi Moist Hedgehog Food 1.3kg A delicious, chicken based food for hedgehogs of all ages. This highly palatable feed can be served on its own or mixed with our other hedgehog foods from the Spike’s range. Fed regularly, it will encourage visits to your garden all year round.
Spikes Hedgehog Dry Food: 2.5kg Spikes Hedgehog Dry Food: 2.5kg sale
Spikes Hedgehog Dry Food 2.5kg Trialled & approved by hedgehog hospitals Spikes food is produced specifically for Hedgehogs dietary needs. It is a chicken based extruded kibble, uniquely shaped so young hedgehogs can readily eat it.
Spikes Insect Crumble 100g Spikes Insect Crumble 100g
Spikes Insect Crumble 100g Spikes Insect Crumble 100gHighly palatable and nutritious as its packed full of insects and other goodies (including probiotics) and is available in a 100g clear plastic tray so you can see what theyre buying. It also comes in a smart shelf ready pack. We recommend that people sprinkle a small amount of Spikes Insect Crumble on our food each evening.
Spikes Scrummy Meaty Supper CANNED Hedgehog Food 12x395g Spikes Scrummy Meaty Supper CANNED Hedgehog Food 12x395g
Spikes Scrummy Meaty Supper CANNED Hedgehog Food 12x395g Introducing the latest addition to the extensive Spike’s Hedgehog Food range, Scrummy Meaty Supper. Just like the other foods in the Spike’s range, Spike’s Scrummy Meaty Supper is a complementary food packed with nutrition and is very, very tasty for all wild hedgehogs. This is a 100% natural product that contains no artificial flavours, col…
Spikes Meaty Feast Sausage 21x120g Spikes Meaty Feast Sausage 21x120g
Spikes Meaty Feast Sausage 120g No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives 100% natural ingredients Rice is a source of slow-release energy Wheat &Gluten free recipe Chicory extract to support healthy digestion Spike’s delicious Meaty Feast is packed with nutritious Chicken and Pork. It is suitable for all ages of hedgehogs and can be fed on its own or mixed with other foods from the Spike’s…

Spikes Hedgehog food: a fabulous story, a fabulous cause & fabulous products!

The story of Spike’s hedgehog food started over 20 years ago: A small number of animal care professionals realised that there wasn’t any food specifically designed for hedgehogs, on the market at that time. That is when they decided they needed to help and saw a gap in the market!

It wasn’t an easy ride, as it took many months of development: looking at nutritional research, kibble size and many other factors related to providing hedgehog with the best nutrition yet being affordable for the general public to buy. They tested their new food in the best possible way: by getting their local hedgehog sanctuary (Hedgehog Care at Authorpe), to try their brand-new hedgehog food. Thankfully, the hedgehogs really loved eating it! But more importantly, their vitally and health in general, seemed to improve too.

Spike’s hedgehog food or produced right here in the UK: Blackburn to be specific, which is great for local jobs and reduces on transportation costs when compared other hedgehog diets produced abroad. The most important thing to remember is the fact that hedgehog populations are declining in this country and we desperately need to help ensure the future of these fabulous, gentle creatures! That is why Spike’s work with super charities such as ‘The British Hedgehog Preservation Society’ along with ‘Amazing Grace’: an initiative led by Dr Brian May’s charity, the Save Me Trust. 

The Spike’s range include many top products, such as: Spike’s Semi-Moist, Meaty Feast, Crunchy Dry and their popular Insect Crumble 

Here’s how to encourage hedgehogs into your garden.

Hedgehogs are a lovely animal to observe and to have in your garden area. Hedgehog numbers are something that has reduced compared to previous years, and so it’s important we all provide a welcome environment for them to roam in.

Overgrow A Section Of Your Garden

Hedgehogs like the overgrown parts of your garden because it helps keep them protected from animals who might try to eat them. If you want to encourage more hedgehogs into your garden, then it’s worth overgrowing perhaps a section of your garden if possible. It could be a small patch that isn’t visible and won’t spoil the overall look of your outdoor space. If you’re able to do this, then you’ll more likely have a hedgehog or two, stop by. But not only that, they might find it comfortable enough to nest there too. So put the lawnmower away when you get to that area and let it overgrow for the chance of seeing more hedgehogs in your garden. 

Put Out Food That They Love

Putting food out for the hedgehogs will certainly be appreciated, and so it’s worth finding the right food that they’ll enjoy. There are lots of different brands of food out there, and Spikes do a great range when it comes to food. The spikes semi moist hedgehog food is something they’ll enjoy, so it’s worth buying some in so that you have some readily available should any hedgehogs find their way over to your garden.

Make Your Pond A Safe Zone

The pond is a great area that hedgehogs will want to take advantage of, but you need to make sure that they can easily get out of it if they fall in. Make sure to create a bank or a way of climbing up out of the water and back onto dry land. If you can’t do that, then covering it with netting is going to help stop them from falling in and not being able to get back out. It’s a good source of water for hedgehogs to drink, but if you’re fearful that they’ll cause harm by falling in, then just supply them with some fresh water where you can.

Keep Your Garden Free Of Debris

Hedgehogs are at risk of getting caught in any debris that ends up blowing into your garden or coming away from your bins. Things like beer can packaging that holds a four-pack together will often be dangerous to many animals. They can end up getting caught up in it, and it could cause them to get stuck and even suffocate in some instances. Do a sweep of your outdoor space on a regular basis to ensure it’s kept clean and free of debris.

Encouraging hedgehogs into your garden is certainly important so be sure to use these tips to help make it happen. Give them overgrowth in the garden to nest, food, and drink to replenish their energy and keep your garden free of rubbish.


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