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bird cages for sale: including amazing parrot cages

Comfortable, fun and safe, our bird cages provide the perfect pad for you parrot, canary, budgie or cockatiel. After all, your feathered friend will spend a great deal of time in their cage. It’s important that it provides a secure yet comfy home but also one which is the right size. We have selected cages of superior quality in a variety of sizes to give your bird everything they need. Whether you are searching for a cute canary cage or a parrot palace, you will discover amazing choices at Little Peckers and bird cages for sale which are priced to please.

Is bigger always better? Choosing a large bird cage

You should choose the largest cage for your pet that you can accommodate in your home to provide the bird with room to move about and play. A cage which is too small can lead to unfortunate behaviours including screaming, psychological issues and feather plucking. The cage should be large enough to enable your pet to walk around and fully extend their wings.

It is vital to check the bar spacing of any cage to ensure that it is appropriate for your species. You wouldn’t your chirpy friend to escape or get caught between the bars when your back is turned.

A parrot cage, cockatiel cage or budgie cage is easier to maintain if it boasts a removeable bottom. Some models also feature a play top or play centre which will help to keep your pet stimulated and occupied.

Where should you position your budgie cage or parrot cage?

It is best to decide where you are going to position your cage before you make your choice as the proposed location could limit your options. The cage should be sited away from drafts but in a busy part of the home where your bird will enjoy plenty of social interaction and regular distractions. Birds are generally very sensitive to fumes. Those resulting from cooking and cleaning procedures could harm your bird, so bear this in mind when deciding where to locate the cage.

You should ensure that your cage isn’t within reach of small children and your pets. Kid’s could set your bird free and any bird would be stressed by your moggy casing the joint and then sitting next to the cage.

Decorative bird cages

After you have perused the bird cages for sale and settled on a fabulous new home for your friend, it’s time to accessorize and we don’t mean cushions and throws! Your perky parrot or lippy lorikeet must have a water bowl and a food bowl which may be included with your cage, but they will also appreciate a few toys to keep them busy throughout the day. Don’t forget to invest in good substrate for the cage and research your bird’s specific requirements as each species has its own special needs.

We hope that we have made choosing the perfect cage a breeze. At Little Peckers we love helping you to enjoy your own little pecker. That means we have assembled the finest large bird cages, small bird cages and parrot cages that you will find anywhere.

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