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Pet Bird Nest Boxes

caged bird nest boxes
Trixie Wooden Nesting Box Trixie Wooden Nesting Box
£5.49 - £10.99
Nesting Box wood with landing perch. A hinged lid makes it easy to clean.
Trixie Natural Living Nesting Box Trixie Natural Living Nesting Box
£6.99 - £14.99
Trixie Natural Living Nesting Box Natural wood with landing perch.  A hinged lid makes it easy to clean

Parrot Nesting Boxes

Your parrots may be completely tame and living happily at your home. However, this does not mean that they have lost their natural instincts. If you are keen for your birds to breed successfully then they will need the right nesting box. If your parrots do not feel sufficiently safe from predators then they simply won’t use the box or worse will abandon their young. Here’s what you need to know.

Let There Be No Light!

All species of parrots require a dark environment in which to rear their chicks. In addition, they will chew at areas of the nesting box where they see light. This will lead to the destruction of the nesting box. It is essential that the box is well constructed and checked carefully to ensure that no light can enter via the seams. High quality parrot nesting boxes feature glued seams which have been clamped during manufacture to guarantee the integrity of the joints. A box with an internal tube attached to the entrance hole are a good choice for nervous pairs as these will further restrict the light which can enter the box.

Glue Trouble

Parrot nesting boxes should be glued together rather than just nailed to ensure that no light can pass through the seams. The glue needs to be non-toxic and water resistant. Parrot nesting boxes can become extremely damp inside and the wrong glue will see them falling apart. The damp is caused by adult birds bringing in water on their feathers and young bird defecating in the box. Wooden boxes can quickly swell and start to split apart. This will allow light to enter the box as well as draughts. Adult birds may then abandon their chicks. Only buy parrot boxes fashioned using parrot safe, waterproof glue.


>It is important to invest in a parrot nesting box of the correct size for the species you keep. One size certainly does not fit all when it comes to nesting boxes. Parrots will feel safest in the smallest box that they are able to access and use. They do not appreciate the luxury of extra space as the larger the box and entrance, the more predators which are able to gain access. There probably aren’t any predators in your domestic environment but your parrots won’t know that! Your best course of action is to seek expert advice regarding your particular parrot’s requirements and act accordingly. Never settle on a box that is the wrong size.

Ladders and Drawers

Some larger species of parrot may need a ladder inside their nesting box to ensure that they and their young do not become trapped inside. Before investing in a parrot nesting box, check whether a ladder is required for your species of parrot. Your birds may also benefit from a box which features a pull-out drawer for bedding material. This should be designed so that parrots can chew it as this enables them to mimic their natural nesting behaviour in the wild.


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