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Fox Repellent

Defenders Fox & Wildlife Repellent 2 x 50 Gm Sachet Defenders Fox & Wildlife Repellent 2 x 50 Gm Sachet
Defenders Fox & Wildlife Repellent 2 x 50 Gm Sachet Deters foxes and other wild animals. Child and pet safe once contact areas have dried. Empty sachet into water to activate. Contains aluminium ammonium sulphate.
Defenders Large Wildlife Trap Defenders Large Wildlife Trap
Defenders Large Wildlife Trap Ideal for foxes and other stray animals. With removable bait holder for live or dead bait. Double carrier handles for catch and relocation. 147 x 66 x 43cm.

Fox Repellents that help to deter foxes

Foxes can be found roaming around streets and gardens across the UK. They’re a significant problem for homeowners in the countryside, but there are plenty of urban foxes around as well. When these animals find their way into your garden, then you have a few problems on your hands. 

So, you need to find a good fox repellent to keep them at bay. We have options on our site, and they’re made to help you prevent any unwanted pests or foxes from entering your garden. 

What does a fox repellent do?

Fox repellents do exactly what they say - they repel foxes. There are lots of methods of doing this, but a fox deterrent is the most humane and effective. The products we sell are all safe to use in your garden, and they don’t contain any harmful chemicals that can ruin your lawn and plants. 

Instead, we have active ingredients that create a smell that foxes dislike. You can spread this repellent around your garden, and the scent keeps the foxes away. Your pets can still happily roam around as it’s not designed to interact with their senses. They might find it strange at first, but they’ll soon get used to it. 

Now, you don’t have to worry about foxes climbing into your garden and running amock. 

how to get rid of foxes from your garden?

Effectively, these products are useful for individuals that regularly get foxes in their outdoor spaces. This can be an issue as they pose multiple threats to wildlife and your property. 

For one, foxes are predators. If you have any live animals in your garden, then they can try and attack them. This is very common in homes that have livestock, rabbits, or birds, and squirrels in the garden. As such, a fox repellent helps to keep the wildlife - and your pets - safe. 

Secondly, foxes can go to the toilet around your property and rummage through your bins. This creates a lot of mess, and they’re known to also scratch things and dig up bits of grass as well. Again, a fox repellent can stop these things from happening, offering added protection for your belongings. 

What to look for in a good fox repellent

First and foremost, it must be proven to work. Secondly, it needs to be approved for use amongst other animals and children. If you can’t use the repellent in the presence of your family, then it must contain some very dangerous ingredients! Finally, it mustn’t harm the foxes. All you want to do is protect your property and ward off these animals. You don’t want to hurt them in any way at all. 

As it happens, we can off a fox repellent product that ticks all of these boxes. It’s child & pet safe, easy to use, doesn’t harm foxes, and is proven to work. 

Order the best Fox Repellent Today

If you have a fox problem in your garden, then you need to act fast. Leave it too long, and the fox can become too comfortable, leading to some of their friends and family joining them. Order your fox repellent today, and we’ll have it delivered in a few days.

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