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Mole Repellent

Defenders STV651 Mole Repellent Scatter Granules 450g Defenders STV651 Mole Repellent Scatter Granules 450g
Defenders STV645 Mega Sonic Mole Repeller Defenders STV645 Mega Sonic Mole Repeller
Defenders STV645 Mega Sonic Mole Repeller Drives off moles without harm to protect lawns, seed beds and seedling plants. Built-in solar rechargeable power pack works continuously overnight and in poor weather conditions. Easy to use with weather-resistant housing. Sonic pulse and vibration every 50 seconds.

Mole Repellent available to buy online

As cute as many people may consider them, moles can be an incredibly destructive pest when they get into your garden. The damage that they can do to your lawn and any vegetables you might have is not to be underestimated. As such, you want to make sure that you are able to stop them from coming into the garden, but you want to do it in the most humane manner possible. Little Peckers carries a range of mole repellent products to help with that.

How to get rid of moles

Of all the pests that can make their home in your garden, moles can be one of the most destructive and can start doing real damage in no time. If you have any flower beds, lawns, or vegetables in your garden, these are particularly susceptible to damage.

Moles tend to come into gardens to hunt for the worms that sustain your healthy soil, but their tunnels can undermine the integrity of the soil, not to mention any roots. Digging moles can even do enough damage to crack concrete and paving slabs above the ground, so getting rid of them can be important for the health of your garden.

Two of the products most widely used to get rid of moles are sonic mole repeller devices and mole deterrent scatter granules. Each of them has its own advantages, so we will look at both options below:

1. Sonic mole repeller devices

At Little Peckers, we carry sonic mole repeller devices that look like spikes. The pointed bottoms of these devices are driven into the soil and embedded there. When turned on, they work by emitting high-frequency ultrasound waves that travel through the earth. While moles are blind, they have excellent senses of hearing. As such, these high-frequency sound waves can be unbearable to them. They are likely to react in fear, panic, or confusion, and to leave the area as soon as possible. High-frequency sound output devices are trusted in all kinds of rodent control.

2. Mole deterrent scatter granules

If you don’t want to plant any electronic devices into your soil, then you may instead want to rely on a type of mole deterrent that you can apply across the garden in the form of scatter granules. Effectively, these granules work by giving off a smell and a taste that moles hate, meaning that they are more likely to look elsewhere for the food that they want. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about them being poisonous to your garden or the moles. There are biodegradable and humane, made with castor oil, which is trusted as a natural, safe deterrent.

If you want to make sure that your garden is safe from the destructive potential of an active mole, then Little Peckers can help you find the most effective repellents on the market. We specialise in humane and safe methods of deterring pests. As such, you do not need to worry about the effects these products might have on your garden.


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