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Harkers Coxoid: 112ml Harkers Coxoid: 112ml
Harkers Coxoid 112ml Coxoid treats coccidiosis, caused by internal parasites in birds. Coxoid is a water treatment for coccidiosis add to the drinking water for 7 days and during treatment birds should not have access to unmediated water. A favourable reaction may be expected withing 2 days. Available in a 112ml (sufficient for 30 birds) Coxoid contains Amprolium Hydrochloride 3.84% w/v. Active In…
Harkers 3 in 1: 100ml Harkers 3 in 1: 100ml
Harkers 3 in 1 100ml ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Contains Amprolium hydrochloride 3.8% w/v (38 mg/ml); Levamisole hydrochloride 1.7% w/v (17mg/ml); Ronidazole 1.2% w/v (12 mg/ml). DOSAGE INSTRUCTIONS For oral administration. Dilute 6.0ml (1 capful) Harkers 3 in 1 Soluble in 1 litre drinking water. Offer the diluted solution to the birds daily for a 7 day period. Always make a fresh solution daily. Do not a…
Harkers Adenocaps 100 tablets Harkers Adenocaps 100 tablets
Harkers Adenocaps 100 tabs New Adenocaps is proven to help treat and prevent Young Bird Sickness in pigeons. Adenocaps is in capsule form for easy dosing. 100 capsules per tub costs from as little as 40p per treatment. Description Adenocaps – for young bird sickness in pigeons New Adenocaps capsules are an immunomodulatory treatment for the control and prevention of young bird sickness in pigeons.…
Harkers Harka-Mitex 140ml Harkers Harka-Mitex 140ml
Harkers Harka-Mitex 140ml Harkamitex is a concentrated insecticide which when diluted with water and applied liberally to all loft surfaces will eradicates red mite. Regular 3 monthly treatments will keep the loft free from red mite. Harkamitex is NOT harmful to pigeons and birds do NOT have to be removed during treatment. Harkamitex is available in a 140 ml bottle which when diluted makes 9 litre…
Harkers Harka-Verm: 100ml Harkers Harka-Verm: 100ml
Harka-Verm – Pigeon Worming Treatment 100ml Harkaverm Liquid is a liquid wormer for use against roundworm and hairworm. One bottle contains 100ml and will treat up to 50 pigeons over a 3 day period. Harka-Verm pigeon worming treatment is for treating hairworm and roundworm INDICATIONS For the flock treatment of roundworm and hair worm in cage/aviary birds and pigeons kept for homing, racing and ex…
Harkers Spartrix (50 Tablets) Harkers Spartrix (50 Tablets)
Harkers Spartrix (50 Tablets) Spartrix is a one tablet canker treatment Spartrix is in a handy tablet form so pigeons can be treated individually ensuring all birds receive the required dose 50 tablets, 1 tablet per bird Whenever canker is seen, all birds should be treated Containing 10mg Carnidazole Adult birds should be treated before breeding and again before racing season Young birds should be…
Harkers 3 in 1: 50 Tablets Harkers 3 in 1: 50 Tablets
Harkers 3 in 1 50 Tablets We would recommend treating all breeding stock 10-14 days before mating. This can be followed by 3 days of Omnivit (multivitamins) in the water. Race birds can be treated again before racing commences.It isnt advisable to treat young birds at weaning with 3in1, but half a tablet of Spartrix for Canker can be given if necessary. Worms and Coccidiosis are not usually passed…
Harkers 4 In 1 Spot On 5ml Harkers 4 In 1 Spot On 5ml
Harkers 4 In 1 Spot On 5ml Spot on is the most recent and unique addition to our range. This product is designed to treat and prevent coccidiosis, canker, worms and external parasites (lice and mites) in racing pigeons. The handy dropper that comes with this products makes it easy to administer. To administer to the pigeons separate the feathers between the shoulder blades of each bird and apply 0…
Harkers Harkanka Soluble 10x4gm sachets Harkers Harkanka Soluble 10x4gm sachets
Harkers Harkanka Soluble 10x4gm sachets Harkanker soluble is used to prevent a build up and spread of infection in adult birds. This treatment should be given at the beginning and at the end of the racing season. If administered 3 weeks prior to breeding, risk of infection being passed to the young birds is eliminated. Available in 10 x 4g sachets ( sufficient for 100 birds) Contains Ronidazole 40…
Harkers Ridmite 500ml Harkers Ridmite 500ml
Harkers Ridmite 500ml Ridmite is a non insecticidal liquid concentrate to rid mites from coops, cages, hutches and lofts Ridmite is a non insecticidal liquid concentrate to rid mites from coops, cages, hutches and lofts; and also a multi purpose concentrated cleaner, sanitizer and odour eliminator. It must be diluted with water as directed and filled into a spray bottle before spraying onto red mi…
Harkers Vykil 500ml Harkers Vykil 500ml
Harkers Vykil 500ml Vykil – Concentrated Pigeon Loft Disinfectant Harkers Vykil is a well respected broad spectrum disinfectant for use in pigeon lofts that will reliably kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, and spores. Pigeon Loft Disinfectant product information – With regular use of Pigeon Loft Disinfectant it will enable pigeons to be kept in optimum hygiene conditions. Its broad spectrum, prolonged…

Racing Pigeon Healthcare treatments

Racing pigeons sometimes need a helping hand to stay at their best. If you want to keep your pigeons in peak physical condition, then you will need to stock up on a few healthcare essentials. We supply premium health products for racing pigeon owners. Being bird specialists, we know exactly what racing pigeons need to maintain top performance and excellent overall health.

Types of health products

There are lots of different health treatments you can get for racing pigeons. You can get everything from pick stones, minerals, digestion aids and grit to disinfectant and disease prevention products. The type of products you need will depend on your birds, feel free to contact our experts for some helpful advice. Racing pigeon health products are used for general health care, recovery, digestion, performance and parasite prevention.

Order racing pigeon products online

Here at Little Peckers, we only supply top quality, premium racing pigeon products. Our healthcare products for birds are all 100% safe and made from the finest quality ingredients. If you want your pigeons to stay super fit and consistently perform then you need to provide them with the best healthcare products possible. We have specialist, tried and tested products that can aid recovery and enhance the performance of your birds.


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