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Gardman Universal Squirrel Baffle (A01158) Gardman Universal Squirrel Baffle (A01158)
Gardman Squirrel Baffle Stop squirrels from pinching bird feed with the use of this clear Squirrel Baffle. With the adaptors supplied this baffle becomes very versatile as it can be used with most Gardman pole based feeding accessories.This item can be used in conjunction with Gardmans Heavy Duty Feeder Pole (A01109).

Utterly baffling! What is a squirrel baffle?

Good question! Well, to put it simply, a squirrel baffle is a plastic dome shapped device added to hanging bird feeders to deter squirrels. You can buy baffles separately or some feeders come with one already integrated into the design. It's not that people dislike squirrels, but more the fact that they can prevent smaller garden birds from getting much needed bird food. Plus, squirels often damage feeders and cause seed to spill onto the floor, causing a mess.

How do baffles work?

Squirrels usually access a bird feeder buy jumping onto it from tree branches, roofs or drainpipes. Because squirrel baffles are made from smooth plastic and because they move and wibble when a squirrel lands on it, it makes them very unstable and causes the squirrel to topple off.

Buy superb squirrel baffles online from little Peckers

We stock a range of fabulous squirrel baffle from Gardman. These baffles are made from very tough plastic which is super slippery!


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