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Gardman Universal Squirrel Baffle (A01158) Gardman Universal Squirrel Baffle (A01158)
Gardman Squirrel Baffle Stop squirrels from pinching bird feed with the use of this clear Squirrel Baffle. With the adaptors supplied this baffle becomes very versatile as it can be used with most Gardman pole based feeding accessories.This item can be used in conjunction with Gardmans Heavy Duty Feeder Pole (A01109).

Utterly baffling! What is a squirrel baffle?

Good question! Well, to put it simply, a squirrel baffle is a plastic dome shapped device added to hanging bird feeders to deter squirrels. You can buy baffles separately or some feeders come with one already integrated into the design. It's not that people dislike squirrels, but more the fact that they can prevent smaller garden birds from getting much needed bird food. Plus, squirels often damage feeders and cause seed to spill onto the floor, causing a mess.

How do baffles work?

Squirrels usually access a bird feeder buy jumping onto it from tree branches, roofs or drainpipes. Because squirrel baffles are made from smooth plastic and because they move and wibble when a squirrel lands on it, it makes them very unstable and causes the squirrel to topple off.

So, you want to attract birds to your garden. It is a nice idea! Birds are pleasant garden companions, and they are essential for the local ecosystem. You buy a bird feeder for this purpose, but a few days later it has mostly gone or spilt all over the ground. That is because birdseed is attractive to squirrels too. You can eliminate this problem quite quickly with a bird feeder baffle. Below are some you can choose from.

Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffle

If you want a solid all-round squirrel baffle that protects your bird seed from even the craftiest rodents the wrap around baffle is an excellent choice. They are available in different materials, including plastic and metal. Metal, however, is recommended; it is much more weather resistant and cannot be chewed through by some determined squirrels. Wrap the baffle around your pole and snap it into place, make sure it is four or five feet off the ground and that your pole is far from ledges or places from where the squirrels can jump.

Torpedo Steel Squirrel Baffle

Like the Wrap-Around the Torpedo baffle is extremely effective against rogue squirrels that want to steal your birdseed. The main difference is the Torpedoes streamlined shape. Many people prefer this design as it seems less obvious when attached to a pole. Like the Wrap-Around, the Torpedo is powder-coated so that ambitious squirrels cannot get a grip on the surface. It's important the baffle is five feet above the ground and located well away from squirrel launch points.

Squirrel Guard Baffle

The Squirrel Guard is a hanging or pole-mounted baffle. Picture a medieval lance standing upright in the ground with bird feeders hanging from the top. This baffle is also made from weather-proof steel that is resistant to chomping. Unlike the previous baffles, this one comes as one piece. There are no attachments needed. Identify the best location for the bird feeder in your garden and install the Squirrel Guard Baffle in the ground. This baffle is an all-in-one solution that is reliable and effective.

A Weather Shield

Weather shields are not sold as baffles, but in most cases, they carry out the same function. If you only need minimal protection from squirrels but also want weather protection and some aesthetic appeal, then a weather shield could be the best option. Imagine a black iron stand with arms on the top to hold bird feeders. Above the feeders, there is a copper shield with a floral design. The feeders are far enough from the ground that squirrels cannot reach it, and there is no way for them to get past the shield from above.

Post-Mount Squirrel Baffle

If you prefer a larger bird feeder, such as a birdhouse, you will require a baffle that is compatible with a thicker pole. Post-mount baffles are designed for this purpose. Usually made from steel and powder-coated, they can be acquired in various sizes to suit your particular bird feeder. They are more robust than the pole-mounted ones and will be installed using screws.


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