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While squirrels may appear adorable with their fluffy tails and cheeky demeanour, they can wreak havoc on the structure of your home. Squirrels love the warm atmosphere of your loft space. That soft insulation that you installed to make your home energy efficient is perfect nesting material for the little critters. Without even realising it, you could end up creating the perfect environment for squirrels. But, before long, they could be gnawing through your joists and chewing through your structural timber. Take a look at how to get rid of squirrels to keep the integrity of your home top-notch.

Why Are Squirrels Pests?

You may assume that the odd squirrel here and there would do no harm. However, squirrels will often arrive through a missing tile in your roof and set up home in their dozens.

Squirrels are hellishly noisy. They will sprint around your attic space, chewing through your timber and wiring. This can leave you with no phone line, broadband or TV. These little vermin are great to observe in a woodland, but have them in your home, and they can cause untold mischief that can result in costly repairs.

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels?

If you do find yourself with grey squirrels in your loft space, you need to hire a professional team to trap them. Because they are an invasive species in the United Kingdom, it is illegal to release them back into the wild, so they need to be humanely dispatched. Therefore, employing professionals who have experience of catching squirrels is crucial to limit the damage that they can cause.

Once you are rid of the grey squirrels from your attic space, you need to consider the best ways to ensure that they do not return. Therefore, you need to investigate the sorts of squirrel deterrent that you can employ to keep your home safe from gnawing, chewing, and general damage.

Squirrels adore climbing and will love scrambling from branch to branch in search of food. If these branches overhang your roof, squirrels can easily race across your slate or tiles. If there is any sort of opening, a squirrel will squeeze through a gap and enjoy investigating your loft. Head up onto your roof and ensure that slipped tiles are repositioned and any missing tiles are replaced. You need to create an impenetrable rooftop.

To seal up any gaps in your roof, you need a specific gnaw-proof filler that acts as a squirrel deterrent. They may try to chew through the sealant, but they will not be able to penetrate it, keeping your home secure.

You might be tempted to leave squirrel repellents around your property. While a foul-smelling scent or a sonar emitting device might seem legitimate, these sorts of repellents do not work and can end up being a waste of money.

Keep the food that you put out for the birds far away from your home and leave the fat suet balls alone. Squirrels adore these as snacks and will keep returning if you leave them out.

Grey squirrels are rife across the UK, and while cute in their own habitat, they become a nuisance when they infiltrate our loft spaces. Follow this simple guide and you can keep your home free from squirrel damage.


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