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The importance of bats

Bats are not typically something that many of us will see as regularly as we would other wildlife in our gardens, like birds and squirrels, for example. However, there are plenty of ways that you can help encourage them into your garden. You may not be aware that bats do have a lot of benefits being in your garden, and that is why it’s important to get a bat box.

Bats help pollinate because, like bees, they are attracted to the nectar that they find in plants. This is great if you want to encourage more of the wildlife in your garden to pollinate the plants and to help produce healthier flower beds in general. When you install a bat house in your garden, you are likely to attract more of them in on a regular basis, especially for those who are expecting! Bats are like the night-time shift for pollinating, whereas bees take over for the daily duties.

Not only do they help with pollinating, but they can also help to keep other pests at bay. Whether you’re a beginner at gardening or a seasoned professional, you’ll know that keeping pests away from your home and garden, in general, is beneficial, and it’s why many choose to install a bat box because it encourages their presence more so. Bats can help keep away mosquitos, moths, and even flying beetles. The more pests you can keep away from your garden, the better. It is going to be helpful when it comes to your plants but also keeping them away from your home.

What add a bat box to your garden?

As a visual experience, bats are great. Kids will love them, and so if you have any children in your household or part of the family, then it can be a wonderful experience for them to watch. With a bat house or bat box, you can create a more exciting experience by inserting a camera in there if you do not want to disrupt them by going outside. Bats are great to watch during a summer’s evening, too, and it is fascinating to see just how quickly they swoop in and out of the trees and from one garden to the next. 

Just like any type of wildlife, they are important to our environment and to the circle of life. For many generations to come and enjoy these bats, it is essential we are doing as much as we can to encourage them into the garden. Providing a space to roam and to nest can also be handy. Not only does it provide a more active outdoor area for your family, but it also helps continue the growth of this wonderful animal. We have a selection of bat boxes and houses to choose from, which are suitable for all types of gardens. They have been designed to fit perfectly with the outdoor space so that they do not stick out like a sore thumb.

Benefits of having more wildlife in your garden.

Wildlife is important to our surroundings and is an integral part of the food chain, which means we need to make the effort to encourage it. There are many benefits that we can gain from having more wildlife in our own outdoor spaces:

Adds To The Ambiance

Ever woken up in the morning to birds chirping, or perhaps you have walked home late one night to the sound of owls hooting. It is a sound that, for many, can be a relaxing noise or calming sound to hear. When you get more wildlife into your own garden, you can have the pleasure of hearing birdsong or perhaps the gentle buzz of bees or crickets as you enjoy your morning coffee outside. Wildlife provides that ambiance that you might be looking for, and that could currently be missing from your garden at the moment. You could install a bat box or bat house to encourage bats to come in and out of your back garden, which certainly provides a wonderful evening show for you and all the household.

Helps To Learn About Wildlife Local To You

It is a good idea to learn more about your local wildlife and how you can help support the network of wildlife that lives within your local area. Everyone will have different types of species and varying amounts within their own surrounding area, so it is good to know what’s out there. Look online to find out and make sure you start spending more time in your garden, observing the wildlife that you have. Start finding them online or in books down at your local library if you do not know what they are, and then you can do more to help them with the right food and shelters.

It Keeps Pests Under Control

Keeping pests under control is something that we all must battle with as homeowners. Not only do they damage plants and flowers, but they can also end up getting into our homes and causing problems. It is worth keeping pests under control by encouraging more wildlife into it. There’s a food chain in existence and you want other insects and animals to keep those pests at bay where possible.

Important For The Environment

It is something that’s obvious, but wildlife is important for our wildlife. Instead of killing insects or animals that find its way into your home or back garden, it is important to let them out so that they can continue to roam and benefit the environment. Protecting our environment is something we are all responsible for, so it is good to make sure you are doing your part by encouraging it into your outdoor space.

Buy a bat house online today

Wildlife in your garden is something to be embraced and enjoyed. You and your household can do so much more to help bring more types of wildlife into your space through simple things like offering food and water, as well as shelter. Use these tips to help bring more wildlife into your space.

If you want to encourage bats into your garden and to also get the benefits of them, then it is certainly worth investing in a bat house or bat box.


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