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Fallen Fruits Insect Hotel FSC® 100% Fallen Fruits Insect Hotel FSC® 100%
Insect Hotel FSC® 100% Welcome to the Fallen Fruits Insect Hotel. You can invite lacewings, wild bees, earwigs, ladybirds and butterflies to check in for as long as they want. All of these insects are fantastic for the garden and will love to stay with you. Dimensions 18.8 x 14.5 x 32.5cm WA12
Fallen Fruits Ladybird House FSC 100 % Fallen Fruits Ladybird House FSC 100 %
Ladybird House FSC® 100 % No garden can go without a nesting box. This basic box with natural materials will give the ladybirds a good place to nest and will help conserve their population or help their reintroduction in a certain area. Four horizontal openings in the front and back allow easy access to the ladybirds and so they can take shelter. At the same time it will keep many of the competito…
Fallen Fruits Ladybird House Silhouette FSC® 100% Fallen Fruits Ladybird House Silhouette FSC® 100%
Ladybird House Silhouette FSC® 100% Ladybirds are among the most beneficial insects in our garden. A ladybird eats about 100 aphids a day. The burned silhouette with the name in Latin says it all, this house is specifically designed for these avid insects. It provides ladybirds with an ideal hideaway during wet and cold days and a wintering facility. Using the lateral flap the ladybird house can b…
Fallen Fruits Small Insect Hotel FSC® 100% Fallen Fruits Small Insect Hotel FSC® 100%
Small Insect Hotel FSC® 100% Among the guests of this insect hotel are solitary bees, lacewings, ladybirds and earwigs. These are natural pest controllers which also pollinate your garden. It can be used as a place to nest, but also as a place of shelter during winter. Dimensions 18.2 x 14.5 x 24.1cm WA46
Fallen Fruits Triangle Insect Hotel FSC® 100% Fallen Fruits Triangle Insect Hotel FSC® 100%
Triangle Insect Hotel FSC® 100% Insects have many important tasks in our gardens. Among other things, they pollinate plants and act as natural pest controllers. This insects hotel will offer solitary bees, ladybirds and earwigs a nesting and wintering facility. Dimensions 18.7 x 17.1 x 28.2cm WA36

What are insect hotels?

Also known as bug or insect hotels, these are usually wooden or plastic products designed with the purpose of housing insects and providing shelter. Our fantastic range includes many different shapes and sizes, designed to complement the design of your house and garden, perfectly! Thanks to technology, many children are likely to spend more time indoors and less of it in the fresh air, having fun and playing. It is important now more than ever to get your kids out into the garden and adding bug houses to your garden can really stoke their interest in nature and wildlife.

As mentioned, introducing your kids to nature is important, so here are some tips to get your kid interested in nature. 

Create A Fruit/Vegetable Patch

With many households trying to become better for the environment in how they recycle or consume energy, one way of helping is to create a fruit/vegetable patch. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your dedication to watering and pruning pay off. It is worth looking at your garden space and figuring out the best areas to plant the patch itself as you are going to need to pick a spot that is open to the elements. This is so the seeds you sow is getting all the nutrition they need from both rainfall and sunlight. It gives it the best opportunity of having a successful harvest. Get your kids to help you with collecting the fruit or vegetables when they are ready.

Invest in Insect Houses

Insect houses or a bug hotel can be an excellent addition to your garden space and can be a fun way of having your kids involved too. There is nothing more intriguing than seeing bugs up close and personal. These are great to place around your garden, and they can look very stylish, displayed in your outdoor space. It’s also a great way of your kids getting used to ‘creepy crawlies’ that they’re likely to experience more of as they get older. Having a good relationship with wildlife is important so that we can all make the effort to help them along.

Do A Wildlife Hunt

If you want to make the outdoors a little more interesting, then you could always incorporate a game into the experience. A wildlife hunt can be a great way of getting them into the garden and exploring different areas of it. Once they have found the specific insect animal, you can explain a little bit more about them and perhaps have some bite-sized information that they can learn about as they go. A wildlife hunt is a good way of playing a game whilst making it educational. The more time and resources you spend on your garden, the more wildlife you will find in it.

Get Them to Help with Gardening

Gardening is something that not everyone likes to do or spends any time doing, and that is because it can often be forgotten about. We spend time on our interiors but not on the exterior so much. It is open to the elements and therefore, more difficult to maintain. However, gardening needs doing, and it is always worth getting your kids involved in the gardening itself. Whether it is pulling up a weed or helping to pot a plant or flower into the ground, it can make the outdoor experience a fun one.

Getting your kids involved with nature is essential, so make sure you are doing your bit to encourage them into the great outdoors.


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