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Wild Things Fox & Badger Food: 2kg Wild Things Fox & Badger Food: 2kg
Wildthings Badger & Fox Food is a selected blend of meat protein, carbohydrates and fats, with added vitamins and minerals. Badgers are nocturnal and foxes are more active at night, so food for both should be left out in a quiet corner of your garden [with water] at dusk or early morning.

Pet owners and animal lovers all know that nutrition is absolutely vital for the health, wellbeing of happiness of all animals. And that goes for those that roam the wild as much as those who call your home their own. While the wild foxes and badgers that wander through our streets and fields at night may be considered pests and an annoyance by some, behaviours such as scavenging and aggression are caused by desperation not belligerence.

That’s why many animal lovers choose to leave out high quality, well balanced and tasty food for wild foxes and badgers. There are a range of benefits to doing this for you and for them.

Protect the health of our nation’s animals

Our wild fox and badger food range is high in protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. It gives them everything they need to stay healthy in the wild.

Wild foxes and badgers are a huge part of our national identity. Keeping them healthy and happy plays a big part in sustaining the wildlife that makes our country great.

Prevent risk of scavenging

When wild animals have a good quality local food source, they’re more likely to come back to visit you rather than scavenging in the neighbourhood’s bins or interfering with your chicken coop.

At Little Peckers, we understand the importance of protecting local wildlife. Leave our foods out at night and you’re sure to find that it has been gobbled up by grateful nocturnal visitors by the morning.

Further reading...

Here is a superb article from The National History Museum about the secret life of urban foxes. This is well wroth a read!


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