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The benefits of hedgehog feeding stations

Hedgehog numbers in the UK remain dangerously low. So, by providing hedgehog food will help them build up their fat stores ready for the long winter hibernation and for raising their young. The trouble is that often you will notice that the food you put out is getting eaten very quickly. You may initially be incredibly happy, thinking that those spiky little critters are enjoying the grub you have supplied. But it is often local cats or foxes which gobble up the grub! Luckily, a great way to prevent this from happening is by using a hedgehog feeding station which will let hedgehogs in and keep larger animal out!

Your outdoor space becomes a lot more enjoyable when you have wildlife in it, and there are certainly ways that you can help improve the amount of wildlife that comes in and out of your garden.

Here are some helpful tips for feeding wildlife in your garden.

Provide A Variety Of Food

Birds like a variety of food, not simply seeds as most would likely opt for when it comes to filling up bird feeds. To get a lot more variety in your wildlife, it’s worth getting a mixture of bird food so that you’re encouraging different species to your bird feed throughout the year. Birds love seeds, suet balls, mealworms, and even chopped up fruits. For hedgehogs, any sort of tinned dog or cat food is appeal and squirrels like nuts. If you have multiple feeders, then it might be a good idea to section off the food into different areas so that different types of wildlife are not going to scare one another off.

Keep Hedgehog Feeding Stations Away From The Property

When it comes to any type of feeding areas, it is a good idea to keep far away from the property itself. If you have got your hedgehog feeding stations too close to your home, then you might encourage them to find places to burrow, or it could make your bins a more attractive area to be around. That goes for all types of wildlife, and the last thing you want is for them to be getting inside your home. Make sure that the feeding stations are far enough away that all animals are keeping their distance from your home. As feeding areas are likely going to encourage all types of animals, including pests, it is a good idea to move them away from the appeal of a warm home.

Keep The Feeders Clean

Keeping your cat-proof hedgehog feeding station clean is essential. Just like us humans, if the feeders are dirty or covered in faeces left behind by wildlife, then it is likely going to be avoided when you put food into it. It is also good to clean your feeders so that you are not making your outdoor space somewhere that is unpleasant to be around. These feeders can become pungent if you are not giving them a wipe down and replacing any gone-off food that was perishable.

Remember The Water

Water is a great source of food for your wildlife, and so a birdbath or some form of water fountain is worth putting into your garden. As far as the UK goes, we’re never short of rainfall, but during those times where rain might be scarce, it’s good to have a fresh supply of water readily available for those birds or other animals that might need a bit of hydration.

The more you can do to provide food and water for the animals in your area, the better. Use these tips to help bring more of it into your back garden. You never know what might pop up when you are next looking out your window.


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