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Fallen Fruits Observation Squirrel Feeder FSC® 100% Fallen Fruits Observation Squirrel Feeder FSC® 100%
Fallen Fruits Observation Squirrel Feeder FSC® 100% Watch the squirrels simply fill with food and the squirrels will help themselves all day long Dimensions 25,3x17,6x18,7 cm WA56
Supa Metal Squirrel Feeder Supa Metal Squirrel Feeder
Supa Metal Squirrel Feeder The Supa Metal Squirrel Feeder can be used to encourage Squirrels into your garden or can be used to deter Squirrels from attacking wild bird feeders by providing them with their own source of food. The easy to lift lid keeps the food dry while the Squirrels are ready to eat. Powder coated metal construction ensures the feeder will have a long life. A little tip when pla…
Gardman Squirrel Feeder Gardman Squirrel Feeder
Gardman Squirrel Feeder The squirrel feeder is perfect for feeding squirrels whilst keeping them off bird food you may have in your garden Designed to stand up to a squirrel’s demanding feeding behaviour Hand crafted from FSC certified timber Where to Site Place in areas squirrels are able to reach Feed squirrels away from bird feeding sites

Making Your Garden More Squirrel-Friendly

For a lot of people, squirrels are nothing more than ‘rodents with fluffy tails’, however squirrels don’t deserve the bad rep they’ve got. Yes, squirrels can sometimes wreak havoc on gardens, such as digging up bulbs or steal seeds from bird feeders, however, they do not have to be a pest. You see, when it comes to squirrels, it is all about creative discouragement, and knowing what steps you need to take to manage squirrel activity in a positive way.

The fact is that it is possible to have squirrels living in your garden in a harmonious way; it is just a case of taking steps to ensure that you are supporting the squirrel community and helping to prevent them from acting in destructive ways. Destructive behaviour is often a result of hunger, which is where creating a squirrel feeder can be a helpful step to take.

How to encourage squirrels to come to your garden with squirrel feeders

If you are somewhat of a wildlife lover, and you are keen to attract more local wildlife to your garden, squirrels are a good place to start.

If you have squirrels living in the local area, then you should not have a problem attracting them to your garden. Squirrels love to eat, so simply by putting some of their favourite foods down, you should be able to encourage them to visit your garden. If you have a bird feeder in place, you might already have squirrels visiting your garden.

To encourage squirrels to visit your garden, it’s a good idea to add some squirrel feeders to it - ideally, these should be positioned away from any bird feeders that you already have in place so that both your bird and squirrel visitors can eat in peace.

For squirrels, sunflower seeds, unroasted peanuts, or corn kernels are a firm favourite. When it comes to where to place these treats, there are a wide range of squirrel feeders that you can opt to make or buy - some of which are designed to encourage squirrels to do some acrobatics.

When it comes to choosing squirrel feeders, it is a good idea to buy a selection of different ones. Opt for one or two that make getting food a challenge, to encourage your squirrel visitors to work for their food, and a couple of feeders that offer easy access to food.

Add areas for squirrels to nest to your garden

To encourage squirrels to frequent your garden, you can also add areas for them to nest, such as trees with hollow trunks or trees that offer natural nooks for squirrels to nest in.

If you don’t have trees in your garden, another option is to hang nest boxes that can be easily made - or if you’re not a DIY lover, you could opt to purchase a pre-made squirrel nesting box instead.

When it comes to making DIY squirrel nesting boxes, it is actually far simpler and easier than you might think. You can find plenty of tutorials online that will provide you with a simple step-by-step guide to squirrel nesting box creation.


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