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Fallen Fruits Wooden Squirrel House FSC® 100% Fallen Fruits Wooden Squirrel House FSC® 100%
Squirrel House FSC® 100% This nesting box gives squirrels a place to live, sleep or to use as a nest. Normally this rodent will build mulitple nests for different purposes. In case of danger they can quickly flee to another nest. It is best to hang at least two nesting boxes in close proximity to each other. This nesting box has multiple distinctive passageways. It is important that at least one e…

So, what Is A Squirrel House?

A squirrel house often looks similar to a bird box, although bigger in overall size and with larger entrances. The principle is the same: to provide a safe, warm and sheltered environment, and to provide protection for any predators.

Of course, squirrels have adapted to building their own nests and on the whole, are perfectly good at doing this in most areas. But there is nothing wrong with wanting to provide a little extra support and shelter for squirrels and their offspring, especially in the cold winters. Another little tip: as squirrels often like to have more than one nest for different purposes and in case of danger, or if something were to happen to one nest: they can move from one nest to the other, easily. That is why some people like to put up two or more squirrel houses in their garden. If you are going to do this, then it is advisable to hang these nesting boxes close to each other, with the entrance of one being close to a tree branch, as this gives the squirrel a sense of security.

Squirrels are lovely to have in your garden, but they can’t have been a nuisance for your bird feeders. If you’re prone to squirrels in your garden, then you probably need some guidance in making sure that your birds are still getting fed.

Here are some tips to keep squirrels off your bird feeders.

Buy A Shelter For Them

Firstly, it’s a good idea that if you’re experiencing squirrels eating your bird feed, it’s probably because they’ve got nothing of their own to enjoy. It’s up to you whether you buy additional feed for squirrels, but it can certainly help in deterring them away from the bird feeding poles and other shelters. It’s also worth buying a squirrel house so that they have their own area to utilise. It’s a good way of providing them with their own space, and it means that you can enjoy their presence in your garden without having the frustration that’s caused by them when they’re eating through all of your bird feed and leaving none for the birds themselves.

Switch Up Your Bird Feed

It can be good where you can to switch up the bird feed that you’re currently giving to your birds. With birds, they’re not that fussy with the types of seeds that you give them, but it’s been known that squirrels don’t really like sunflower seeds or anything with pepper in them. So, with that being said, it might be a good idea to get that type of feed instead when filling up your bird feeders. Hopefully, that will deter them from eating the food, and once you start using different bird feed that they don’t like, they’ll probably leave it alone completely.

Get Rid Of Debris

Keeping your squirrels off the bird feed is also due to the amount of debris that can often get left on the ground as the birds feed. It’s something that you could do every few days or every day if you have the time, and it’s needed. Remove any bird feed debris on the floor and place it back into the bird feeder. That way, you won’t have squirrels approaching the area near the bird feeders. There are bird feeders that you can get, which have a tray underneath it. This can be handy in stopping any falling to the ground and possibly attracting more unwanted pests like field mouses, rats, and foxes.

Find Squirrel-Proof Feeders

A good way of keeping squirrels off your feeders is by squirrel-proofing the feeder themselves. There’s plenty of well-designed poles and concepts that can make it impossible for them to climb up or onto it. From swinging feeders to more creative measures, it’s worth trying these out to see if it helps with keeping those squirrels at bay and making sure any birds get a look in.

Keeping squirrels off your bird feeders can be a challenge, but it is possible to achieve. Use these tips to help keep them off so that they can be a welcome addition to your garden, rather than a nuisance.

Buy a Squirrel nesting box online

Although not as common a sight across the gardens of the UK as bird boxes, more and more people are starting to take an interest in looking after these cute little furry critters. We have a great selection of squirrel boxes, but of course, you can also build one yourself at home if you have the time and DIY skills (not me, unfortunately!)


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