Garvo Chicken Treats 800g

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Garvo Chicken Treats 800g

Nothing is more enjoyable than seeing your chickens scratching about enthusiastically. It is easy to tame them if you regularly give them something extra. That something extra must however contribute to good health! Garvo Chicken treats consist of dried amphipods and silkworms, supplemented with whole and crushed seeds which chickens find delicious. Chickens go crazy for it! They consider amphipods a true delicacy; amphipods contain animal protein and chickens happen to be omnivores. Chicken treats are therefore super delicious and extremely rich in nutrients. Feeding adviceChicken treats are a form of supplementary feed for chickens and other galliform birds. They provide variation and extra animal protein. If you want to tame or treat you chickens we advise giving Chicken treats several times a week. Supply Chicken treats in a separate dish, scatter some in the outer living area or mix it with the normal feed Note: never scatter feed in the vicinity of the dung area.

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