Hen Oyster Grit: 25kg

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Chickens need to eat grit to help digest their food. The grit helps grind down the food the hens eat because as everyone knows, chickens dont have teeth (hence the term as rare as hens teeth!) If your hens free-range then its likely that they already get enough grit in their diet, though if they are contained you should provide some grit (its often sold in pet shops as grit for pet birds or pigeons). Hens also need enough calcium in their diet - they use calcium to form the shells on their eggs so if they calcium deficient you will get soft eggs, rubbery eggs or even eggs with no shell. You should provide oyster grit in their pen or put some in a small food bowl. This will help them lay hard-shelled eggs and is an essential part of their diet. Some all in one feeds such as certain layers-pellets will already contain a supplement of oyster grit, so its worth checking.
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