Johnston & Jeff Spring And Summer Wild Bird Mixture: 12.75kg

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Johnston & Jeff Spring & Summer Wild Mix 12.75kg

This is an important product in the feeding calendar, and we know from our own feeding stations that the birds absolutely love it.

Why important? Spring is a difficult and extremely demanding time for wild birds. They have to cope with winter stress, then they are straight into nest building and trying to get into good breeding condition. This blend has been designed to help them do just that. It is a special mix of essential high energy ingredients combining the right minerals, vitamins, trace elements and proteins for rebuilding strength and for high quality egg production. This blend is also key to skeletal and tissue growth in fledglings and building up the immune system. Plus it contains aniseed, excellent for digestion and an attractant, helping the birds find their way to these essential foods.


Sunflower hearts, pinhead oatmeal, millet, groats, niger seed, jap type millet, oyster shell grit (a good calcium source), milo, split maize, suet pellets with insects, suet pellets with berries, dried mealworm, vegetable oil (human consumption grade) and aniseed oil.

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