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Cede Budgie Rearing Food: 10 x 1kg



Cede Budgie Rearing Food 10 x 1kg

CeDe Eggfood is an essential supplement to the daily ration. It is necessary because it supplies nutrients not or not sufficiently present in some regular bird foods. CeDe Eggfood contains among others, valuable animal proteins, vitamins, minerals (mass and trace elements), and specially added essential amino acids. Breeding and Moulting periods are productive periods during which the youngsters are raised and new feathers are formed. This demands a high performance on nutrition; therefore, during breeding and moulting periods, seed eating birds require a good mixture of seeds together with CeDe Eggfood being á of the days ration 2 to 3 days per week.


During breeding: 1/4 daily ration, everyday During moulting: 1/4 daily ration, everyday During resting: 1/8 daily ration, everyday

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