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Erin Multi-Purpose Compost 70 litre



Erin Multi-Purpose Compost 70 litre

Erin Traditional Multipurpose Compost will give you outstanding performance guaranteed. This versatile compost is idea for growing seeds and cuttings as well as bedding plants for potting on. It is also suitable for potting houseplants, containers and hanging baskets.

However, it is not suitable for lime hating plants such as azaleas, camellias, heathers and rhododendrons. For these plants we recommend Erin Excel Ericaceous Compost.

100% sphagnum moss peat

For everyday use

Perfect for seed sowing, bedding and containers

Use straight from the bag for plants at all growth stages. Once in use, always keep the Erin Excel Traditional Multipurpose Compost moist but, do not allow plants to stand in water.

Sowing Seeds

Fill seed trays or pots with Erin Excel Traditional Multipurpose Compost, level off and firm lightly. For best results always use clean seed trays and pots. Water thoroughly using a fine rose. Sow the seeds thinly and evenly then cover them with their own depth of compost and firm lightly. Cover with glass, polythene or a seed tray lid to help retain moisture. Remove the cover once germination has begun. Place in daylight but not direct sunlight. When seedlings are ready to prick out, fill trays or pots with the compost. Transplant seedlings by holding the leaves near the stem. Once in place, water thoroughly ensuring the compost never dries out.

Taking Cuttings

Take cuttings correctly from your mother plant. Fill the pots or containers with the compost and level off. Using a pencil or dibber, make the holes in the compost and insert cuttings. Firm gently around the plant and water thoroughly. Cover each pot or container with a clear polythene bag to avoid loss of moisture. When roots appear, remove the cover and transplant as necessary.

Potting On & Re-potting Houseplants

Partly fill the pot with Erin Excel Traditional Multipurpose Compost. Make sure you have chosen the correct size pot to comfortably hold the plant roots. Place the plant in the centre. Fill the surrounding area with more compost, firming with your fingertips tightly around the root-ball. Water-in well but do not saturate.

Tubs, Pots & Containers

Half fill the container with the compost, place the plants evenly inside while filling around the roots with more compost. Gently firm the compost, water-in well but do not saturate.

Hanging Baskets

Partially fill the basket with the compost. Begin by placing the plants through the liner into the basket sides, taking care not to damage the roots. Add more compost and plants until the basket is full. Firm carefully and water thoroughly.

Store product in a cool dry place

Open pack carefully and avoid breathing in dust

Wear gloves when gardening and wash hands thoroughly after use.

Reseal the pack after use.

In case of any adverse reaction seek medical assistance immediately.

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