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Gardman Black Steel Sunflower Heart Feeder

RRP: £7.49


Gardman Black Steel Sunflower Heart Feeder

Gardman Black Steel Sunflower Heart Feeder is a durable metal feeder for sunflower hearts

Quick-release top and base for easy filling and cleaning

FeedSafe uses Biomaster antimicrobial technology preventing the spread of microbes and germs

Fill with sunflower hearts

Why Use

Gardman Black Steel Sunflower Hearts Feeder is an easy to use, durable metal feeder with an antibacterial coating to protect against microbes and germs.

Standard Steel Sunflower Hearts Feeder can hold:

340g sunflower hearts

Height - 19cm

Why do we protect our FeedSafe birdfeeders with Biomaster Antimicrobial Protection?

Feeding sites for garden birds can promote the transmission of avian diseases, many caused by bacteria. Biomaster reduces the risk of transmission to garden birds visiting the FeedSafe bird feeder, preventing the spread of bacteria on treated surfaces. Biomaster is safe and works 24/7 to helps protect in between cleaning.

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