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Global Herbs Chill Out 250ml



Global Herbs Chill Out 250ml

A natural way to maintain normal and calm behaviour when the birds are added to the flock and for the maintenance of good general health, free from worry.This product is really helpful when ex-battery hens need help in making adjustment to their new home. When buying new birds always check that they are in good health. Look for signs of coughs, wheezing, puffy eyes, under weight and lifelessness. Introducing new birds that are not well can lead to infection spreading and a larger problem to resolve. If in doubt do not buy them!It is advised to introduce new birds to a flock late at night when the other birds are perched and sleeping. This way they integrate easier and bullying is reduced greatly. You may find that they have a few squabbles the first day or two as they work out the pecking order within the group. Adding Global Herbs Chill Out to their water will also help the birds through this stressful time and allow for easier integration.I tried to put our 3 new 12 week old chickens in with our 2 older girls who are about 3 years old. One of the older birds clearly wanted to be top of the pecking order and became dangerously viscous with our new stock. I talked to Stephen Ashdown, the Global Herbs Vet, who recommended the Chill Out Liquid 250ml. I put about 3ml into the base of their water feeder for two days... so just 48 hours later I tried to put all the birds together again. What a difference! The older birds who had the problems before where relaxed as their new friends mixed with them and fed together. I have to recommend this stuff!

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