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Racan Plastic Mouse Snap Traps Pack of 2



Racan Plastic Mouse Snap Traps Pack of 2

Loved by many. The conventional style break-back trap that is so easy to set and extremely powerful. Fast and humane action. Triggered when the mouse touches the treadle plate trying to reach the bait.

Easy to bait and set


Do not need to handle dead mice

Twin Pack for extra value

Pack of 2

Setting Trap

Bait the black disc in middle of treadle trigger plate with ‘RACO Rodent Attractant’ or preferred bait.

Pull back spring snapping bar until it clicks into lock hook at opposite end to trigger plate.

The trap is now set.

How to use

Place the baited trap along runs of known mouse activity.

Place the baited trigger plate next to the wall. Mice like the security of being close to the wall.

Place away from children and pets where it can’t be disturbed.


Always hold a set trap at the opposite end to treadle trigger plate in case it accidentally goes off.

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