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Ring-Pull Pro Large Seed Feeder 6 Ports 540mm

RRP: £35.99


Ring-Pull Pro Largel Seed Feeder 6 Ports 540mm

Quality seed feeder with our Lifetime Guarantee

Keep garden birds healthy and disease free with this top-quality Ring-Pull™ PRO feeder that's ideal for seeds and blends. It's built to last with chunky metal components that resist squirrel attacks and years of harsh winter weather.

Hygiene's never been easier. Just twist the base each time you refill, allowing uneaten seeds and debris to escape. For a really thorough clean, pull the pin and all parts of the feeder separate completely.

For maximum peace of mind, Ring-Pull™ PRO comes backed with the reassurance of our Lifetime Guarantee. Add style-matching accessories to build a complete feeding system.


1.5 litre, 6 ports, 540mm tube height

includes 2 FREE Perch Rings

Dismantle for easy cleaning



Tough metal fittings resist chewing by squirrels

Brilliantly quick to clean with no tools needed

Base twists off for quick cleaning; comes fully apart for deep cleaning

Backed by reassurance of our Lifetime Guarantee

Quick clean - Twist off base lets uneaten husks and seeds escape

Deep clean - Pull the pin and all feeder parts separate for a thorough clean

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