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Sunflower Hearts: 12.55kg



Premium Sunflower Hearts 12.55kg

Sunflower Hearts (or Kernals) are packed with oil, making them a brilliant source of energy and heat for wild birds. Being huskless means less mess and greatly reduced waste, as these seeds are eaten by all species of birds, and for those that last long enough to fall, Hedgehogs love them! Ideally fed in a seed feeder, however it can be fed from the ground or on a table. These sunflower hearts are very popular and made from the finest bakery grade sunflower seeds. Bird will love them! Sunflower hearts for birds do cost a little more than black sunflower seeds or other sunflower seeds. However, sunflower hearts generate very little waste compared to the other seeds, due to the fact that the outer husk is already removed. This means that they are easier for bird to consume and also have the benefit of leaving very little waste in the form of husks, on your lawn or patio.The sunflower hearts that we sell are sourced from the very best bakery grade stock. This means they are the same type of sunflower seed you will find on your loaf of bread at your local bakery. Sunflower hearts are a bird food that is very high in both protein and calories. Sunflower hearts tend to attract a great variety of birds, such as robins, starlings, green finches, siskins and goldfinches.

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