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Versele-Laga Countrys Best SHOW 1 Crumble for Quail 20kg



Versele-Laga Countrys Best SHOW 1 Crumble for Quail 20kg

Starting crumbs for the first 6 weeks

SHOW 1 crumble is a complete starting feed for chicks of pheasants, partridges, guinea fowl, quail and ornamental fowl. Appropriate for chicks from the first day until the age of 6 weeks.

This starting crumble contains enough protein, energy, minerals and vitamins for a good and efficient starting growth.

The crumble form promotes a smooth intake without excessive spilling and it is ideal for both the larger and the smaller species. The coccidiostat protects the animals against coccidiosis.

Feather Care

The presence of omega-3 fatty acids and natural pigments contributes to optimal feather colouring and shiny plumage.


Products enriched with a coccidiostat, this reduces the risk of a coccidiosis outbreak. Young animals are more sensitive to this intestinal parasite because their natural resistance is still developing.


soya feed (produced from genetically modified soya), maize, wheat, sunflower seed feed, rice bran, rape seed feed, soya oil, calcium carbonate, monocalcium phosphate, maize gluten, linseed, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, marigold extract

Directions for use

• Period: From the first day until the age of 6 weeks.

• The feeds can be freely administered.


• Young orphaned chicks need to quickly learn how to ingest their feed; provide low feeding trays or simply pour the feed on paper for the first few days.

• Due care must be taken when switching over to the growth feed. Check whether the chicks can actually ingest the larger-sized pellet.

• Always provide Grit for an easy digestion. Grit also has a positive effect on the skeleton.

• Always make sure there is plenty of clean drinking water.

• For an optimal development and health, take the life phases and periods into account.


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