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Vitakraft Budgie Kracker (2 Pack): Apricot & Fig



Original Vitakraft Kräckers® are pure taste and welfare employment in one. The delicious food mixture is compiled to sugar-free recipe and specially designed for budgies. The three-time baking in the house Vitakraft Bakery - the treat bar inside the mixture also helps in the important abrasion of the beak.With valuable vitamins for a healthy bird life!Enriched with apricot and figFor budgiesWith valuable vitaminsSugar-free formulaBaked 3 timesIn untreated KnabberholzWith practical clip holder Product Details Feeding recommendation Compound feed for parakeetsComposition:Cereal seed fruits (figs, dried 1.5%, apricot, dried 0.92%) minerals of vegetable origin honey eggs and egg products vegetable algae

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