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Bucktons Suet Filled Coconut Halves 15 Pack

Bucktons Suet Filled Coconut Halves 15 Pack

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The perfect high energy nutritional food source for all year round feeding, ideal and a beneficial supplement during the winter, breeding and fledgling seasons as the high oil content provide a great protein source and energy boost. Suet Coconuts are a firm favourite for many garden species, including blue tits, long-tailed tits, coal tits, robins, great spotted woodpeckers, the finch families and many more! The product can be easily located in a tree, bird table or feeding station. 15 Coconut Halves per box. Composition: Beef Tallow, Wheat Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Kibbled Maize, Naked Oats, Yellow Millet, Red Millet, Black Rapeseed, Coconut Flavour Store below 14 degrees C.

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