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Gardman Robin And Small Bird Feeder

Gardman Robin And Small Bird Feeder

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The Gardman Robin and Small Bird Feeder is a durable, adjustable, plastic feeder for Robins, Blue Tits, Chaffinches and many other smaller garden birds. This Gardman feeder features an adjustable height roof which allows for the inclusion or exclusion of larger birds from this feeder - depending on which wild bird species you are wanting to attract and feed. Hang up this feeder in your garden from a branch, hook or feeding station using the included hanging hook, before filling the feeders tray with your garden visitors favourite type of bird food to begin feeding your hungry, feathered friends. This Gardman Bird Feeder can hold approximately; 110g of seed mixes, 80g of sunflower seeds, 100g of peanuts, 40g of mealworms or 160g of suet pellets - or fill this weatherproof feeder with a mixture of bird foods to attract an even wider variety of garden birds. Height 15 cm x Diameter 13 cm.

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