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Gold Chips Aviary Bedding 10kg

Gold Chips Aviary Bedding 10kg

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Goldchips 10kg Gold Classic B6 made from Aspen wood is exceptionally clean and absorbent. This purpose made product is suitable for use in cages, aviaries and nesting boxes. Gold Classic B6 is manufactured from pure aspen wood, specifically for use as a bedding material, from virgin timber and is not a by-product of some other manufacturing process. High temperature dried to reduce moisture content and reduce harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. Unlike some bedding materials that use aromatic oils to mask waste odours, our Gold Classic B6 bedding absorbs waste moisture to keep the cage clean. Produce with a larger particle size to help reduce scattering when the birds are active. Particle size: 4 to 6mm Large particle size offers exceptional stability in the cage and limits bedding becoming "airborne" when birds are active Heat-treated at 550˚C for superior cleanliness and hygiene Salmonella free Batched certificate of analysis Dust extracted to the highest standards Out of all wood based beddings Aspen offers superior absorption capacity Purpose made, from untreated selected aspen Natural raw material from sustainable source From PEFC accredited manufacturing site Biodegradable Consistent high quality material

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