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Henry Bell

Henry Bell Suet Bites Ready To Use Feeder

Henry Bell Suet Bites Ready To Use Feeder

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The Henry Bell Ready To Feed Filled Suet Bites Feeder is a sleek contemporary bird feeder in 'cool grey' that has an easy to open lid and is simple to clean. Filled with 220g of Suet Berry Bites (suet pellets) which are a high energy, deeply nutritious year-round food. Ingredients: Cereals, Suet (min 20%), Seeds, Peanut Flour, Glycerol, Calcium, Raisins (2%), Rowan Berries (1%) and Natural Colouring. Nutritional values: crude protein (5.2%), crude fibres (0.9%), crude fat (25.1%), crude ash (0.7%) Height: 200mm

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