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Honeyfields Heavy Duty Fat Ball Feeder

Honeyfields Heavy Duty Fat Ball Feeder

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Getting a bird feeder in your garden won’t just add life to your outdoor spaces, but will also enhance the overall look of your garden while making it more welcoming for wildlife. The Honeyfield’s Fat Ball & Nugget Feeder is a classic and elegant looking bird feeder. It is ergonomically built and has a lot of room for plenty of birds. It is specially designed for use with fat balls and suet nuggets for wild birds. It is durable and hard-wearing. To make sure that your feeder lasts long, this tough Honeyfield’s bird feeder has a powder-coated steel lid and angled "Quick Release" base for easy access and feeding, making it the perfect hard-wearing feeder for any garden. Honeyfield"s Heavy Duty Fat Ball and Nugget Feeder also has a large handle, using which, hanging it is easy. The quick-release base makes cleaning easy, while the quick-releasing lid helps in easy refilling. This Fat Ball & Nugget Feeder features a bright pink design that will attract the birds and will add some welcome colour to your garden or feeding station. It is perfect for feeding wild birds all year round. To ensure that all the birds get everything safe and hygienic, it is recommended to regularly clean it after removing any old and leftover food, preferably with a suitable disinfectant. This bird feeder comes with a gift tag attached, making it just perfect for all wild bird enthusiasts.

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