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Honeyfields Nyjer Seed

Honeyfields Nyjer Seed

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Fill your garden with beautiful finch birds by sprinkling these Honeyfield"s Nyjer Seed Wild Bird Food 1.6kg. These nyjer seeds have a fine black texture and properties that promote healthy eating in wild birds. This food for finch birds is mostly eaten by all birds that belong to the finch family and also by the ones who can spot seeds dropped by some other bird. These goldfinch nyjer seeds are rich in healthy oil content, which helps to substantially improve cholesterol balance in the bird’s body. Nyjer seeds also consist of anti-inflammatory compounds that help birds fight against injuries and wounds. The nyjer seeds can also be fed to the birds as an effective immunity booster that can fight various infections, too. This finches’ favourite food can be fed straight or with other usual food meals as per the bird’s dietary requirements. It is beneficial to serve the seeds in a nyjer seed feeder since other feeders have ports larger than the size of seeds. Nyjer feeders keep the seeds in place and prevent falling from the ports. This healthy finches’ food also has calcium and fatty acid contents that help increase the bird’s ability to survive unfavourable weather conditions. Apart from the finch family, the Honeyfield’s nyjer seeds are suitable for birds like siskins, tree sparrows, and redpolls. These nutritiousseeds are available in a 1.6kg pack.

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