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Jacobi Jayne

Jacobi Jayne I Love Hedgehogs

Jacobi Jayne I Love Hedgehogs

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Jacobi Jaynes I Love Hedgehog food is a specially formulated high energy food for the endearingly shy mammal. Made with a range of ingredients - all of which have been added for proven, specific health benefits and which is why sultanas, a high amount of honey and dried mealworms have been removed and replaced with dried calci worms. This delicious blend of; walnuts, peanut pieces, dried calci worms and sunflower hearts have been laced with a small amount of sweet energy-rich honey which is well liked by hedgehogs. Easily feed feed this Jacobi Jayne Hedgehog food from a shallow feeding dish or from the ground - near to a supply of clean water to ensure your new friends are kept well hydrated. Suitable for adult hedgehogs and their young, this hedgehog food is good for a variety of health reasons: Better Bone Health - thanks to the carefully balanced calcium and phosphorus levels. Tooth Friendly Formula - due to the reduced honey levels. Excellent for Weight Gain - can be used before hibernation and after the winter sleep when fat reserves are low. Available in 500g and 2kg pouches, with the 500g size coming in a convenient, stay fresh foil pouch. Ingredients: Walnuts, Sunflower Hearts, Dried Calci Worms, Honey and Peanut Pieces.

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