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Vetark Avimix 50g

Vetark Avimix 50g

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PRODUCT BENEFITS: Provides esssential vitamins and calcium Supports overall health Complements existing diet Suitable for routine use DESCRIPTION: This is a broad spectrum high-potency multivitamin and trace element mixture for general supplementation of foods. Avimix is a blend of Nutrobal and ACE-High (2:1) to provide a ready palatable source of essential vitamins and calcium, suitable for routine use. It contains a calcium:phosphorus ratio of 30:1 which is recommended for the maintenance of adult animals and birds. The enhanced vitamin and calcium content in Avimix helps maintain adequate levels in birds as part of a routine diet, and is particularly valuable during periods of growth, breeding, showing, moulting, stress and disease. Avimix can be mixed into home mixes, or home made fat balls, and is also suitable for sprinkling onto food. Because it is a high potency product, the actual quantity of powder required to achieve adequate levels of intake is reduced when compared to products formulated as general purpose multivitamins by other companies. This overcomes the palatability problems which can be encountered when supplementing these difficult animals.

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