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359 Budgies Found in Brighton House

Imagine opening a front door to discover over 300 budgies flying fee in the house! That’s exactly what RSPCA inspectors discovered when they visited a home in Brighton, East Sussex recently! The owner had been taken ill and the RSPCA were called in to rescue the birds. They had expected to find around 200 budgies, which would have been hard enough to deal with, but the final count was an amazing 359!

Budgie Rescue Mission

RSPCA officers had to spend three days rescuing the budgies from the house as none of the birds
were caged. The owner had been taken to hospital and there was nobody to take care of his feathered friends. The animal welfare charity is now desperately seeking new owners for the colourful birds.

Budgie Chaos in Brighton

When the officers arrived at the property they discovered a scene of complete chaos with the birds all flying free. Apparently, the noise was incredible and the modest semi-detached property had been taken over by the budgies. There was a sea of colour and birds perched everywhere.

The officers used capture nets to safely catch each bird and remove them from the house whilst having to endure the deafening noise. Once caught, the birds were placed in boxes and sent to various aviaries. The birds were occupying every room in the house and were using anything they could stand on as perches including a clothes horse.

Minimising Distress

Whilst most people prefer to keep budgies in groups, this particular group was huge and presented a major problem as the officers had to be sure that they had found every budgie. They were also keen to capture them without causing too much distress.

The budgies were signed over to the RSPCA by their owner who is no longer able to look after them. There have been no reports as to why the owner was taken to hospital or if his condition was related to the number of birds in his home. You have to think that it might have been!

Rehoming the Budgies

The RSPCA was forced to distribute the rescued birds across several of their branches due to the sheer number which had to be accommodated. Private boarding establishments across the country have also stepped into the breech to help out. These included Mallydams Wildlife Centre in nearby Hastings, which kindly took on 50 birds. The RSPCA in South Godstone has taken almost 100 budgies.

The RSPCA is inviting anyone interested in rehoming any of the budgies to visit their website or contact their rescue centres directly. They are seeking homes where the birds can live with other budgies and have space to fly.

A Record Number of Pets?

Wow! Could this be a record for the number of animals rescued from a single home in the UK? If it isn’t, we would be interested to hear about any homes which have featured even more pets. Isn’t it astonishing what secrets lay behind the most ordinary-looking front doors?


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