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The Buzzard

Bird Image

The Buzzard is the most common bird of prey in the UK. Buzzards are usually a dark brown colour but their colouring does vary quite a lot. You might spot much paler Buzzard who have lighter brown feathers. Buzzards are well known for the V shape their wings often create when they are in flight. They are fairly large birds of prey with wide, rounded wings and a short tail. Buzzards can grow over 50cm long with a wingspan of up to 137cm.

Buzzards normally hunting during the day. The catch small prey such as rabbits from low flight or they may launch from a nearby tree. They are fierce and formidable hunters with excellent eyesight that enables them to spot prey on the ground. They also have very strong talons to grab onto their prey and a very sharp hooked beak. Other prey that Buzzards will eat includes small animals, carrion and even some

You can see Buzzards in the UK, Scotland, Wales and The Lake District. They are usually found in habitats such as moorland, woodland, marshes and pasture. You may even be lucky enough to spot one in a city or town where Buzzards occasionally make an appearance.  A lot of people mistake the Buzzard for an eagle as they have some similarities. Buzzards now fill areas where they once were scarce and can now be seen in many different counties throughout the UK.

It’s worth watching a Buzzard in flight as they often put on quite stunning aerial displays. They will circle up very high in the sky and then suddenly come rocketing down to the ground with grace and precision. They normally perform these displays during breeding season when trying to attract a mate. Buzzards are most vocal in spring, they have a loud mewing call that is very distinctive.


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