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A great Victorian Bird Bath

You might have already guessed, but here at we love all birds! Robins, Thrushes, Sparrows and even the humble Pigeons; big or small, we want the very best for our feathered pals!

That is why we are proud to stock some of the very best quality bird accessories for your home and garden.

We also know that plenty of us love a beautiful garden as much as we love to see a collection of beautiful birds enjoying it; which is why garden bird accessories, just like bird baths should always be as stylish as they are functional.

So if you are someone looking for and you are not tempted by the idea of a simple bowl on the floor, we have put together the different types of bird baths that you can opt for and show you just why they might be right for your garden.


Often these popular pedestal bird baths will look rather ornate in their design, with a distinct lean towards that of a Victorian Bird Bath. As the entire bath stands off of the ground the birds will feel safe bathing in this particular style of basin and you can buy them in a variety of sizes, styles and materials.


Even the smallest of gardens can have a bird bath in them; if you are lacking in space than the hanging bird bath might just be ideal for you. A shallow basin that is suspended from a chain, it can be hung from a hook, gutter or even a tree branch to attract some of the smaller birds.


Birds really love moving water. Not only that but the noise created by a water fountain bird bath will be even more attractive to those flying past. Much like the Pedestal style, these come in a range of different sizes and shapes but they are the perfect way to add a water feature into your garden as well as please the wildlife.


If you want to go really upmarket and spoil the birds who frequent your garden, then you could opt for a heated bird bath. They do not, as the name suggests, heat up the water so that it is warm but it does stop the water from freezing over in the colder weather meaning that the birds can bathe all year round without having to tackle the snow and ice that can otherwise accumulate.

So the choice really is yours when it comes to finding the perfect bird bath for your garden. Whether you opt for stylish Victorian bird bath designs or perhaps something more modern with a heated or fountain effect. Simply by giving your local birds a place to come and drink or cool off you are sure to see an increase in their visit, meaning that you can sit back and enjoy the very best that Britain has to offer!


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