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An African Grey Parrot and a Motability Scooter

Exotic birds are popular pets in the UK and it isn’t difficult to understand their appeal. However, some of these birds are extremely demanding and require a great deal of attention in order to remain contented. The birds can live for several decades too which means that a parrot could represent a commitment for life.

Time and Money

Parrots need the right size of cage and also require an investment in a cage bird feeder, a drinker, toys, perches and food. They don’t cost the earth to keep but the potential expenses, including vets’ bills must be considered. The chief issue is that these birds are intelligent creatures which easily become bored. A lack of stimulation can lead to self-harming in the form of plucking out their own feathers. You should not consider owning a parrot unless you have the time and dedication to provide the bird with enough attention.

I love parrots, especially talking parrots, but I know that I would not be able to provide a sufficient level of care to one of these birds. However, I am always fascinated to meet them and so I do make the occasional visit to a local pet centre which features several parrots and also to Bird World which is always a great day out. But there is one parrot that I particularly like to see.

Surrey Star

My favourite parrot of all is an African Grey who is a frequent visitor to a car boot sale in Borden, Surrey!

I occasionally visit the boot sale to sell unwanted items. I had attended a few times and marvelled at the number of dogs walking around with their owners. Then I discovered that one visitor had an altogether more interesting pet. I could see a lady travelling around the boot sale on her Motability scooter and there was an Africa grey parrot sitting on the handlebars!

I couldn’t believe that the lady had so much confidence in her bird that she could take it out and about like that. The bird was not secured in any way but showed no inclination to leave its owner’s side. There was a little cage bird feeder attached to the scooter so the parrot could snack whilst he was out and about and he seemed content to do the rounds of the field.

Parrots and Shopping

Since then I have seen the lady on the scooter and the parrot on several occasions. He attracts a great deal of interest as he passes through the crowds. His owner seems to enjoy the bird’s celebrity status but does not appear to be quite so keen on people touching her feathered friend. I often wonder where else she takes the bird and if the same rules apply to a parrot as to dogs in shops, for instance. Can you take your parrot into the supermarket or into a shopping mall? It would be pretty embarrassing if you had a cage bird feeder with you and the parrot was tossing seed all over the floor!

I will have to ask the lady the next time I see her.


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