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An Unlikely Urban Avian

Some people feel uncomfortable when they arrive in a big city but it must be an even more disconcerting experience for exotic birds. There are some species which you really don’t expect to stumble across in urban areas and a peacock is certainly one of them. But it has emerged that there is a peacock on the loose in Oldham, of all places!

Elusive Avian

The peacock has been spotted in various places across the city. It is believed to be a juvenile bird because it has short tail feathers. The bird has been resting on houses and even strutting down the middle of the street. It also fetched up in Oldham town centre but there have been few sightings in the last few days and the colourful birds’ current whereabouts are unknown.

The peacocks youth has clearly proved to be a bit of a boon because its short tail feathers enable it to be more agile. It is able to scale houses whereas an older bird would have been forced to remain closer to the ground.

Tracking the Peacock

Two men are now tracking the bird. Andy Bialek and Robert Dobson, from Birds of a Feather animal sanctuary, are asking the public not to approach the peacock, but to notify them immediately if they see it and to attempt to keep track of its location. Andy Bialek has extensive experience in catching animals but is aware that peacocks can be aggressive. They have strong claws which can tear into your flesh. However, this is the first peacock that he has had to track.

Dawn Chorus

Residents who are unlucky enough to discover the bird on their roofs may have to endure a rather loud wake-up call. Peacocks usually call at dawn and they make a hell of a racket! Those sharp claws are capable of causing a great deal of damage too. The birds can ruin car paintwork and may attack other animals. They look gorgeous but are best admired from a distance!

Nobody seems to know where the peacock is from. Clearly someone is missing a bird but it is hard to imagine that they wouldn’t have noticed. Does the peacock belong to you or someone you know? Have you seen the bird around Oldham? If you have any information, contact Birds of a Feather Animal Rescue on .


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