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Another Kind of Poultry Drinker

For Years, the developed world has been moving inexorably towards lifestyles geared for convenience. Equipment and vehicles have been designed to be easier to use and to get things done quickly. Processed food has taken over the supermarkets and junk food in the form of takeaways has become the staple diet for many. Sadly the convenience revolution has had a negative impact on health and hasn’t done much to improve most families’ finances.

An Inconvenient Truth

Convenience leads to inactivity and poor diets. Little wonder, then, that more and more people are looking to turn back the clock and to go back to basics. Something has been lost in the charge towards a hassle free world!

Coops and Chicken Drinkers

Many households are now using what land they have to grow their own food and to keep livestock. Chickens are becoming increasingly common in gardens, mainly for the eggs that they provide. There is nothing quite like fresh eggs and chickens are relatively straightforward to look after. It doesn’t cost much to invest in a coop, poultry feeders, . Once the coop has been set up and the livestock introduced, the birds are easy to care for.

Chicken Little

Of course, in addition to supplying eggs, chickens can be eaten. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if more families start rearing chickens for meat given the quality of chicken in the supermarkets. If you are like me then you will be sick and tired of cooking chicken only to discover that it has shrunk enormously in the oven. What started as a plump bird is reduced to something the size of a sparrow.

Lapping It Up

This unfortunate tendency is a result if the birds having been injected with water during the preparation process. Some "extraneous water" is necessary during processing but I think we all know that the addition of water can go far beyond what is necessary. You just have to think about the way chickens are sold (by weight) to realise that something isn’t quite right.


Chickens in supermarkets are prepacked. What you will see is rows and rows of birds which are mysteriously all an identical weight. Unless chicken farmers have developed a technique for breeding identical birds then this must mean that their weights are being modified. I would suggest that water is the perfect way to do this. When you buy a supermarket chicken you are probably investing in some very expensive water.

The plumped up chickens have been injected with so much water that it is impossible to know how long to cook them for. If you have ever followed the cooking instructions only to end up with an overcooked bird then this is probably because the chicken was actually a lot smaller than it appeared and required less cooking time.

Be Sure Your Sins will Find You Out

This issue is now being looked at by LGC Group, a science based service company which is essentially the Government’s chemist. It aims to establish what the necessary level of "extraneous water" actually is. It is time that chickens were not being injected with water in order to maximise profits.


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