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Are You a Parrot Collector?

My friend’s father was given to collecting things. The enormous number of whisky bottles that he had accumulated threatened to overwhelm his home. Then he turned his attention to clocks and these were far more problematic. With dozens of clocks in the house the constant ticking sound was really annoying. But that was nothing compared to the chiming! At the top of the hour, 36 clocks would start binging and bonging and I always marvelled that anyone could ever get any sleep in that house.

It reminded me of a hotel I once stayed in which was adjacent to a church. I was awake all night lying there waiting for the next set of intrusive chimes. Clocks can be extremely annoying but not quite as infuriating as parrots.

One Parrot Was Never Going to be Enough

A few years before I knew the family, the father had invested in a parrot. One of anything was never enough for him so the parrot soon had a friend. Then several friends. Apparently the house was soon overwhelmed with parrots and the noise they made was truly terrible.

Parrots are colourful, entertaining and characterful creatures. Many people are quickly beguiled by their charms and decide that they would like a pet parrot. But parrots are demanding pets which require a great deal of attention. They can also be messy and they are certainly extremely loud.

Parrots scream to communicate with their fellow birds in the wild. When in captivity, they soon learn that screaming attracts the attention of their owners and so they can scream even more.

Homeless Parrots

Many owners quickly realise that they have bitten off more than they can chew and are forced to part company with their parrots. New homes must be found but these may not work out either. Parrots can live as long as people and often have to endure five or more changes of ownership during their lifetimes.

This level of disruption is disconcerting for the birds. Sadly, it is usually the result of ignorance. People don’t realise quite how demanding these birds can be and then find that they cannot cope. Some owners run into trouble because the noise that their birds have made has angered their neighbours.

Parrots are certainly not a good choice of pet if you live in a flat. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that most owners lack the knowledge and ability required to train their pets not to be noisy. Indeed, the way they interact with the birds only serves to make the situation worse.

Adopt a Parrot

If you own or are considering investing in an exotic bird, it is vital that you do your research. You must acquaint yourself with the bird’s needs and should be prepared to devote enough time to them every day. As so many birds are seeking new homes, always consider adopting a bird rather than buying one from a breeder or pet shop.

Sadly, my friend’s father found out the hard way exactly how demanding a parrot can be and that he simply couldn’t cope with keeping several birds at once. He was forced to find new homes for all of them. Then he started collecting the clocks instead!


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