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BBC Plan Remake of The Birds

Anyone who grew up in the 60s probably still feels faintly nervous when they see a crow! They may well start to worry when they see crows gathering. That would be thanks to none other than the great Alfred Hitchcock whose movie The Birds was enough to give anyone the collywobbles. Hitchcock’s ability to build tension was certainly at its height when he made that film. It was a triumph of suspense which lived long in the memory.

Recreating a Classic

The BBC is working on a remake of the story. Anyone who missed the original or who prefers their movies and TV viewing to be a little more contemporary should be in for a major treat. Well, it will be a treat if you actually see any of it. If the remake lives up to terror of the original, you might be spending a great deal of time hiding behind your sofa!

Moving to Cornwall

The original film was set in California. However, the new production will be more faithful to Daphne du Maurier’s 1952 book on which the film was based and will be set in post-war Cornwall. The script is being provided by Irish playwright Conor McPherson who has previously adapted the story for a stage production. You can expect great things because the producer is David Heyman whose cannon of excellence includes Harry Potter and Gravity.

The Original

Hitchcock’s amazing movie famously starred Tippi Hedren in her feature film debut. She played San Francisco socialite Melanie Daniels who visits a rural farming community in order to deliver the surprise gift of a pair of birds. Unfortunately, it turns out that the area is being terrorised by what appear to be homicidal birds. Seagulls and chickens are behaving strangely and then the sinister spectre of malicious crows takes the horror to the next level!

New Star

It remains to be seen who will star in the new version of The Birds and whether the production will manage to rival the original for drama and suspense. Hitchcock’s film is a hard act to follow which might explain why nobody has tried until now! Remakes can often prove to be disappointing. But occasionally they do manage to live up to the originals or even to surpass them.

The nation will certainly be looking over its shoulders for a while in the wake of another dose of The Birds and anyone suffering from ornithophobia (a fear of birds) would be best to book a holiday when the scheduling is announced!


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