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Best Bird Feeders and Some Bears!

I had wanted to visit Sequoia National Park since I had seem my cousin’s photographs of the awe-inspiring giant trees that grow there. When I finally visited the park for the first time, however, the wildlife proved to be as spectacular as the sequoias.

In Search of Bears

I had been very keen to see a bear in the wild and the time I had spent in Yosemite National Park had failed to deliver a single sighting. I was beginning to think that all of the bears had left California! Then, on my first day in Sequoia National Park, I was travelling in an RV with my cousin when I saw a pair of ears pop up from some bushes on the side of the road. My cousin was driving and so I yelled for him to stop. He stopped so violently that I was almost capitulated from the living quarters into the cab!

The First Sighting

At this point my cousin had no idea what he was stopping for. I explained that I had seen a bear but there was no sign of it and my cousin was convinced that I was delusional. Then the bear stood up and walked across the road in front of our RV. It was a memorable and emotional moment. Happily on a subsequent visit to the park I was able to view several bears but you never forget your first!

The Snake in the Lake

The day after we saw that first bear we decided to explore the neighbouring Kings Canyon National Park. The scenery was dramatic as were the caves we visited. After a spell underground we decided to stop by a pretty lake. We were sitting with our feet dangling in the cool water when a snake whipped its way across the surface. My cousin’s wife is scared of snakes and beat a hasty retreat. I was delighted to see the creature as I recognised the reptile as a harmless ribbon snake. It was a familiar sight as I kept an identical snake as a pet but it was wonderful to see one in the wild.

Kings Canyon Lodge

After the adventure with the snake it was time for some refreshment. We spotted a restaurant called Kings Canyon Lodge and stopped for a drink. It was a brilliant place to sit out on the deck enjoying the gorgeous surroundings but when I looked up I saw something truly wonderful. There were hummingbirds everywhere!

The Best Bird Feeders Ever

Kings Canyon Lodge provided feeders for the hummingbirds and I thought that they were the best feeders ever! I never seen hummingbirds in the flesh before and they were fascinating to watch. Incredibly tiny, these beautiful birds have wings which move so fast they defy physics. A dozen or more hummingbirds were feasting from some of the best bird feeders I've seen which contained sugary water.

I loved everything about those fabulous national parks but it could just be those hummingbirds which live longest in the memory. Sadly I can’t replicate the experience on my own garden. Hummingbirds are only to be found in the Americas and in any case my cat might find them even more interesting than I do!


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